The Ultimate Burial

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. PWmania
  2. :annoyed:

    Overkill x10... I feel really bad for the guy, Kia-style.
  3. He'll be back in 2 weeks.

    Besides, I don't understand why people care/bitch about things that happen during commercials or after the taping ends. It's not real. It's for the crowd only, it has no bearing on storyline. I remember when HHH pedigreed Miz during a commercial and people were all butt hurt about it.
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  4. What this man said. But it's still sad. :((
  5. You missed the point of the thread.
  6. i think the biggest dickhead move was making us watch all that drama and not getting to see the fans pop for Ryder (hometown always gets some love) instead it was a waste of a dark match, with the same value as HHH's random pedigrees or Orton's random RKO. He is buried like the undertaker and kane were, give him a month max and he will come back "better" than before.
  7. :ace: I'll be back Cena fan
    Resurrect People Power
  8. oh?
  9. It's not revelant, but that's some burial we're talking about right there. :dawg:
  10. btw what is getting buried in wwe? @[Seabs]
  11. Wrestling HHH

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    :haha: it's where you're made to look bad in the eyes of the fans, so you're standing is worse than before. Think Mark Henry running through everyone before running away from Big Show.
  12. lol hhahhahaha that just maid my day :dawg:
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