The Ultimate Fighter S.18

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone watching?

  2. Ronda :gusta:

    Never seen before, Shall watch later.
  3. Ooh Foxy Boxing :jeritroll:
  4. Me neither. Its pretty cool. Sometimes close my eyes when an arm is about to be broken haha, saw it on BHR's site and well...Ronda is Ronda
  5. Ronda is Ronda and Ronda is hot. She can also break your arm.

    Wait a minute, I use an arm bar in Wrestling, We can compare arm bars :yay:
  6. Armbar, my fave hold...

    haha dont ever compare your "armbar" with her armbar. My dad (Who's black belt in judo) said she has one of the best armbars he has seen (How he locks it ...i dont know, Judo stuff)
  7. Check out Rousey vs Tate armbar. Watch the video on youtube, then post here your thoughts
  8. Your Ronda signature>Your current signature!
  9. Watching now, Looks good. Want to get into UFC.
  10. Liked it?
  11. Yeah it was pretty good, Will keep watching. Love the Ronda Vs Tate thing. Ronda <3
  12. Ronda is such an annoying fuck, she's the Royce for WMMA but still. Also Rampage vs Rashad > this season.
  13. Ronda makes my peepee all tingly
  14. What does everyone think of BJ Penn making a comeback? Loving this season of UF also and man some of the gif's in this thread are SOOOOOO good.
  15. Glad he's not a welter, annoyed he's fighting a guy he's 0-2 against but fucking hyped he's back if he's seriously into it.
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