The Ultimate Universe Mode League

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Kooldip, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Hello everyone! I just finished Year 1 of my Universe Mode League and I'm going to share the results with you. The reason I'm sharing this with you guys is because most of the people that own this game claim that they are bored with it. If that is you, I might be able to help!

    1. Each brand drafts 20 wrestlers at random alternating order

    2. Each brand has two champions (Major & Minor)

    3. Champions will be selected at random

    4. Both RAW and Smackdown! have 5 matches each

    5. Both RAW and Smackdown! have a minor show with 4 matches each

    6. At the end of each month, which ever wrestler has the most wins faces the major champion at the PPV. Whichever wrestler has the second most amount of wins faces the minor champion at the PPV. If there is a tie with at the most 5 wrestlers, they will all get a title shot in the same match. If 6 or more are in a tie, well I have no idea how I’ll handle that so pray it doesn’t happen.

    7. Tag – team matches, matches with 5 or 6 wrestlers or matches involving anyone not on the roster will be turned in to a singles match. Both of the competitors will be selected at random

    8. Every PPV will have the same card. First match is a RAW random singles involving two wrestlers that aren’t featured in a title match, same goes for match two, with two Smackdown! wrestlers. Match three is a interpromotional match between one RAW wrestler and one Smackdown wrestler. The last four matches are all title matches.

    9. The losers of the title matches from the previous PPV will be given an “(n)” which means they are not allowed to participate in a title match at the next PPV, regardless of win to loss record.

    10. There are three PPV’s throughout the year that will feature a gimmick that will alter a Major title match at each event.

    11. Whichever 4 wrestlers are champion by the end of Wrestlemania will automatically be drafted as number 1 and 2 for their respective brands for the year 2 draft.


    Biggest issue, that I'm unable to do much about, is the amount of matches each guy has. As you can see, poor Jericho only got to wrestle 22 matches, Slater and Rey both wrestled 78. It's something I've tried to fix (Implementing random matches where I can and messing around with the roster number) but it's out of my hands. I'm cool with it, I've accepted it as a part of the game and hey, someone has to be a jobber. Other than that, it's a fun time!

    What do you think?
  2. How do you even do the draft? Do you play any of the matches in the year yourself or just simulate it?
  3. This is how the draft is done. I intended to start this for my channel but I never got around to it due to issues I was having with it.

    I watch the 4 title matches on each PPV, the rest is simulated. I watch those matches for "conclusive" results, they're usually pretty boring. I've seen a couple of actual good matches, Diesel was in a bunch of great ones in my first year.
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