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  1. The Ultimate Loser completely blew his shot at being a true legend of wrestling. Hogan gave him the ball and he threw it out the window. He blew it so bad Hogan had to come back and reclaim the title from Sgt. Slaughter, who was way past his prime. After that, really what did the Ultimate Loser do?....besides a few half hearted comebacks. Ive heard people claim he is HoF worthy, but I firmly disagree.
  2. Yeah, he sucks.
  3. His drugged/roided up promos are HOF worthy.
  4. True he had great promos and an amazing gimmick, but other than that what was he?
  5. He actually was a pretty average wrestler at best and had a pretty sweet gimmick. I was a kid when he was coming up and was a huge fan. He appealed to a lot of people at one point. His problem was that he didn't care about the business and only about himself. He could have been great. One thing i'll give him is never putting up with hogan/mcmahon.
  6. Calling the Ultimate Warrior average at best is a compliment!
    He was less than mediocre at best, and pretty much shit and without an ounce of wrestling pedigree in reality.

    Like Bobby Heenan said "basically a muscle bound guy straight out of a Gold's Gym who thought he could make some money as a wrestler" that's paraphrasing, but he makes a great point.

    Alienating the true talent who were there to put you over, from day one, was always the nail in the coffin, and Vince pretty much ran outta patience with him. In fact, Vince was far more lenient with UW back then, then he is with pretty much the entire roster these days. Uw threw it back in his face...lethal mistake!
  7. I agree with this post. I don't agree with how Warrior did his business but when I was a kid it was that damn music and run down to the ring. After that it was all like you said, mediocre.
  8. Yeah it was the music, the hair, the fast paced actions for sure.
    Pretty sad that behind the make up and muscles was an egotistical douche bag who shat in his own nest and seems bitter to this very day.
  9. It wasn't Warrior's fault that his title run flopped back in 1990. They intended for him to replace Hulk Hogan and be the next top baby face for the next 3-5 years but it just didn't work out. For whatever reason, as mega popular as he was, the fans just didn't accept him as the new top guy and they wanted Hogan back.

    He deserves to be in the HOF because he was still a huge superstar in his time and his match with Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 was one of the biggest and most anticipated Wrestlemania main events of all time. People still talk about the Warrior to this day for a reason. Yeah, he was all gimmick and promo and presence and charisma, but then again, so was Hogan. Persona/charisma/look is the main things that get all superstars over, whether they're good/great wrestlers or not.
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  10. Warrior's biggest problem though has always been his ego - he always thought he was bigger than the company.
    He reneged on deals, didn't turn up to promos etc - left Vince holding the bag and looking like a fool, and I think he still refuses to accept any blame for his actions.
    It's a shame, cos like you said - he was a huge superstar, but WWE back stagers have long memories, so he can kiss goodbye to any chance of being a HOF'er..
  11. Won't deny that he has a huge ego (he once said on his website that he was probably the best worker ever in the WWE) and that he's a bit of an asshole (Bret once said he refused to see sick children who were big fans of his, and then there's always his crazy ass political rants) but Vince did offer him a spot in the HOF back in 2010, even after the WWE buried him in their Self-Destruction DVD. But he refused it.

    I wouldn't really say that Warrior was 'bitter' per se, at least not about his own career. He obviously still has some hostility with people like Hogan, but he's one of the prime examples of a wrestler getting out of the business with all their money and having no real regrets about their career and also having never succumbed to drugs or alcohol and ending up dead or constantly in rehab like a lot of wrestlers. That's why he completely owned the WWE on his website when he explained that he had not "self destructed" like a lot of the wrestlers who have died or whose lives have been torn apart by drugs or substance abuse. He has a point.
  12. Absolutely fantastic post.
  13. Absolutely fantastic post.
  14. I generally agree with this post. Despite his limitations he was a draw. I even said before that I loved Warrior for standing up against hogan and you put it into words i couldn't. Thank you for putting that into perspective
  15. He was power, speed and explosiveness all in one package and pretty unique, even by today's standards.
    Best physique in the WWE I still think and it sux to know he'll never set foot near the WWE again...but he made his own bed..
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