The Underground Rap Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Dec 28, 2012.

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    You listen to underground rap? No, not that Lil Wayne shit, rap that isn't mainstream that much. People who are signed in small record labels or created there own.

    This is your thread.

    I'm not into mainstream rap that much so share some underground rap in this thread.

    I'll just list a few one's that are known.

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    Known for wearing weird ass contacts.
    He is signed to his own record label known as Funk Volume that was launched in 2009.
    He's known also as the "Black Eminem" although, I don't think that.
    He's taken shot's on rappers including Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco, Drake and Soulja Boy.

    Here are some of his songs:

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    Logic, also known as Young Sinatra, the name which was inspired by Frank Sinatra.
    He is signed by an independent label called Visionary Music Group.
    Most of his songs contain sampling from other songs.
    Here are a few of his songs.

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    Don't really know much about him actually. :urm:
    Here are a few songs.

    If you have any suggestions, post it. I really prefer underground over mainstream crap.
    Also if you don't like rap, don't post that you don't. I could care less.

    Crayo if you have any suggest.
  2. Get DZ in here
  3. Probably staring at someone at work.
  4. Didn't know you listen to rap deth.
  5. This all I gotz. Rap isn't my thing for the most part.
  6. Deathgrip only one I know or can think of. Not my scene tbh.
  7. Kid Cudi. Not sure if that is underground or not
  8. UK: Mic Righteous, Lowkey, Akala, English Frank, Black The Ripper, Blizzard, Harry Shotta

    US: Rone, DNA, MF Doom, Joel Ortiz, Fashawn

    So many to choose from. Best to Google some though.

    Btw, why just underground? They don't have to be underground to be good, I advise just listening to some older rap from the likes of Big L, early Eminem, Biggie, Notorious Big, 2pac, Outkast etc.
  9. :yes:
  10. Is Kid Kudi underground? :no:
    Is kid Kudi good? :no:

    Kings of the Underground: MF Doom & Aesop Rock

    Others I enjoy:

    Jeru the Damaja
    Brother Ali
    Jus Allah
    Slaughterhouse (toeing the line of what is considered "Underground" )
    Jedi Mind Tricks (just overly violent lyrics w/ sick beats. No real deep meaning in the lyrics unlike most of these guys. Listen to Violent by Design)
    Cannibal Ox
    Talib Kwali
    Lyrics Born
    Keak da Sneak
    Deltron 3030
  11. e-dubble > every other rapper right now

  12. Aesop Rock has taken dumps with more lyrical ability than e dubble
  13. Lol I don't think so.
  14. Probably not, but it sounded good. Never heard of the guy tbh.

    I have been listening to Deltron 3030 all morning however. Such a sick album, especially if you can get into concept albums (they are admittedly not for everyone)

  15. Seriously God bless this thread for making me rack my brain for UG artists. I haven't listened to Deltron in years

    fap fap fap
  16. I already listen to old rap and enjoy them.
    But I can't just keep on listening to them and need to evolve on my selections.
    I'm just talking about underground for now cause I enjoy it and am listening to the Deltron 3030 Album which Dolph's recommended.
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