Survivor Series The Undertaker’s Potential Teammates For WWE Survivor Series

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  1. **I am posting this here since there is no survivor series section yet, please move it when there is one**

    "Team Wyatt is obviously already set with Bray, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Strowman representing, but it’ll be interesting to see who stands beside The Deaman to wage war with the new face of fear and his clan…"

    So lets think about who it can be. My guesses go to Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton. Assuming they need 4 people.
  2. Jake & The Fatman
  3. Fat and the Manjake
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  4. Undertaker, Kane, Orton, Bryan vs. Rowan, Wyatt, Harper, Beau Strongbow
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  5. Kane, Ambrose, Taker & Bryan (wishful thinking). If Bryan doesn't get cleared just yet, then I guess Cesaro could step in.

    But if Ambrose gets to feud with Y2J come SS, then I guess The Usos (yawn) will prolly be there to fill the spot.
  6. Taker, Kane, Orton, and Bryan would be typical, but what if Bryan isn't cleared? Then what? Ryback?
  7. Orton and Sting are out of the picture. DB as well, probably.

    That leaves The Dudley Boyz, The Usos (yawn), Ambrose and pretty much the rest of the babyface roster.
  8. Will he ever stop wrestling? I hate seeing elderly people in the ring tbh.
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  9. I think Taker's said (at a pace like this) he's good to go for a few more years.
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  10. :eww2:
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  11. Judging by your reaction, I guess I should've comforted you with "He's retiring next year at Mania". :smirk2:
  12. I am not a fan of Undertaker still going and going but he does know how to put on a show even if it means more work for his opponent. His match with Brock as HIAC was good. He has certainly had better but he still has it... Even if it is almost gone.
  13. I think ADR and him will be feuding though, specially with Zeb in the picture.
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  14. Ha, really?:booker2:

    Oh wait, he was serious.... :nooo:
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  15. Im betting it will be Kane (obviously) and The Dudley Boyz

    A few months back before Rowan got injured Bubba Ray called them out on using the 3D in there matches. So I think they've been planting seeds in the feud for awhile.
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  16. The Dudley's might be the best option, if they're done feuding with the New Day... Normally i would've guessed Ambrose and Reigns since they have issues with the Wyatt's, but it looks like Roman will be facing Seth at Survivor Series... Ambrose should jump into a feud with Owens, since he's got nothing going on right now and he needs to quit being Reigns sidekick.
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  17. This actually seems like a likely route if they want the brothers of destruction thing going again.
  18. :smug:
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  19. I think we will find out which way this is heading after Raw tomorrow.
  20. True.

    Hopefully the partners are good, since, ya know, IDGAF about Kane.
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