The Undertaker Helps John Cena After Tonight's WWE RAW from San Antonio

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. - WWE taped the RAW Backstage Pass post-show tonight from a different location in the arena as they resumed dark main events after taking a few weeks off since the Network launched.

    Tonight's dark main event segment saw John Cena come out but was confronted by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family. This led to The Undertaker coming out to a massive pop, as heard on the post-show. Taker helped Cena fight off Rowan and Harper to end the show. Thanks to Rick for that information.
  2. The Streak match is really suffering from Taker and Brock not being on RAW after that great start. Is Brock trying to sell that chokeslam? Seems dumb.
  3. It seems silly to me that they don't broadcast the dark main events on the WWEN.

    I would think you could do a whole different segment (recorded at the same time as Backstage Pass), but I guess they want the autonomy of having dark main events that are not in storyline.

  4. I wonder if it's a prelude to a possible Undertaker/Wyatt rivalry for later in the year. I know this was just an off-screen, dark segment, but still. Taker worked a few non-Mania dates last year, so it's possible he'll do so again and choose to feud with the Wyatt Family later on in 2014. I know people think/hope that Wyatt is a huge candidate for facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31, but I'd personally much rather see a feud between them culminate at a non-Mania event like Summerslam than at a Wrestlemania because Wyatt has a good chance of going over in the former and no chance at all of going over in the latter. Taker/Wyatt would be a huge match for Summerslam.
  5. At this point, I think going 20+ minutes with Taker at WrestleMania is a bigger rub than beating him at any other event.
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    I'd still rather see Wyatt being able to claim a victory over Taker as opposed to him just being victim #23 (technically victim #21) of the streak. Plus, booking the Wyatt feud at a non-Mania event and having Taker square off against someone else at Mania (Sting, Reigns, etc.) gets two feuds out of the Undertaker over the course of the next year instead of just one.
  7. If speculation that next year is truly Taker's last Mania are true, I can see them setting things up to have an Undertaker feud against the Wyatts to culminate at Survivor Series this year. Since that's where he made his debut, it would make sense to give him one last Survivor Series match.

  8. I think it'd be great to see Wyatt go over Taker at Summerslam and try to portray the Family as being the ones who finally "killed' the Undertaker for good (similar to The Shield destroying him last year, or The Nexus burying him alive back in 2010), only for Taker to return two months later and go over Wyatt in some sort of stipulation match (maybe one last casket match, just for old time's sake) at Survivor Series. That'd be an awesome.

    I seriously doubt Taker's hanging the boots up after next year, though. If The Rock agrees to work with Lesnar at WM31, he's already stated that it'll be his final match and WWE won't have two huge names like that retire at the same Wrestlemania.
  9. It would be great to see. And it wouldn't require Taker to work a lot of in-ring action outside of the two big matches.

    I hadn't heard the tidbit about Rock/Lesnar? I'm unsure, though: which one's last match?

  10. The Rock. He said his match with John Cena at WM29 was probably his final match (because of the injuries he sustained to his abdomen and adductor muscles) but then came out and said that he was gonna follow through with his promise of working Wrestlemania XXX regardless and revealed not long ago that he was supposed to face Brock Lesnar at the event. At least these were the plans before he decided to instead commit more towards his movie schedule this year anyway.

    I'm just assuming Rock would likely still retire after defeating Lesnar. He came back and did what he was asked to do (put over Cena) and you know WWE wants to make a huge payday off Rock and Lesnar. Most likely after that, Rock will still officially retire from in-ring competition.
  11. I can see that. If they did that match, Rocky would be 42 and Brock would be 37. I do start to wonder, though, at what point Brock starts getting pissed about having to do the job to Cena, HHH (once anyway), and Undertaker while only really getting completely put over by Punk (although both guys looked like a million bucks in that match). I figure they would like to give him the belt for one last run at some point. I know I would, if I were in their position.

  12. I seriously doubt Lesnar cares about the number of jobs he's asked to do for people (especially when his win record is still pretty impressive.) By all accounts, he seems to care mainly about the money and nothing else. It was even said that Lesnar knew before he even inked his contract in 2012 that he knew he was gonna lose to Cena at ER 2012 but didn't care because he was still getting paid big.

    That said, they'd be stupid not to put the title on him eventually. It would be interesting and create some buzz perhaps and would also provide a big moment to put over a younger superstar (Reigns, etc.... although they might just have him put over Cena again.) It's been foreshadowed a couple of times on television as well.
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