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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. I am rooting for 'Taker to formally announce his opponent upon his return. Do ya think he will revelead at raw 's 20th Anniversary
  2. Hope so..
    But if its CM Punk, then they will most likely wait until after his match with The Rock to start the Build for it.
  3. Yeah, I guess he'll be facing Punk so I don't think they'll start the build just yet. I expect a random segment like the one with Kane at Raw 1000.
  4. I don't see the purpose of Punk losing to him though. We know Punk won't win, so what's the point of the match? The streak match is only intriguing if you feel there's at least a small chance of Taker losing.
  5. There is a chance..
    I don't want the streak to end , and I think its stupid to let Punk end it, but I read somewhere that they are actually considering Punk ending the streak at WM29 for real..

    Probably another dirt sheet though..
  6. Well, if not Punk, who else could it be? I could see it being Brock, but I think he's wrestling HHH at Mania. Facing Taker and taking him to his limit so he only barely beats you can help, plus, I never thought HHH and HBK were breaking the streak but I was very entertained with the last four matches tbh.
  7. At least those two were legends in their own right. Michaels/Taker II was the most intriguing cause HBKs career was on the line too. Punk's reign will be over by then, so there's nothing for him to lose, thus he has to lose.
  8. The build to a match (and the match itself) can still be exciting even if the conclusion is obvious. Plenty of examples of that. I like the back story of Punk losing his belt (would prefer he lost it to Rock instead of Undertaker) but trying to take Undertaker's streak as the ultimate way of gaining respect, although I think Taker/Brock would be more personal in the ring.
  9. Yeah, I know he's losing, but I'm quite sure it'll be a great match and help Punk a bit, so since there's no one else who could fight him (I may be wrong there, if you have examples please name them) I see nothing wrong with it.
  10. CM Punk is the only man that could face him from the current roster with the exception of Triple H, Kane (can easily face him at any WrestleMania), Brock Lesnar, John Cena and The Rock. Atleast it'll give something for CM Punk to do, I guess.
  11. Therein lies the problem, pretty much no one in the current WWE is good enough to challange the kayfabe Undertaker. That's why he should have just retired after the "end of an era". I just think they want to get him to 25-0 no matter what to have a nice number to reference.
  12. The ringmaster wasn't good enough to challenge Bret Hart but a year later he did, these guys just need a shot.
  13. Nah, they need to do a big Cena-Taker match before he hangs them up. I seriously doubt he'll make it to 25-0 before he retires.
  14. If he goes to 25-0 he'll be 52, not impossible at all. Especially if he only wrestles once a year.
  15. I'm also pretty sure Taker himself still feels like he can go at this schedule so it's not just Vince "hey Taker, keep wrestling I don't care if you can't go anymore make me money lol" or something. But yeah, currently there's no one to challenge him, really, but as seabs said, they can build them.
  16. Maybe, but his body likely won't hold out that long. But I think he'll hang them up before then, most likely after WM30.
  17. Someone who is going to be the face of the wee , cena ending the sterak is stupid , Brock lesnar is even more ( come on he just wants money ) cm punk could be an option but hes gonna retire in 2015 so he just be Even younger , dbry Ziggler ambrose ?it could be , however i dont know why the undertaker shouldnt lose and if he loses , i would Esther prefer kane, Bry or Ziggler..
  18. Wade Barrett
  19. :eww:
  20. Tensai and marella in a handicap match
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