The Undertaker return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by camden, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. when do you guys think the undertaker will return to the wwe? Im really curios since HHH said he will be returning at the Slammies on raw.
  2. Probably at *Royal Rumble
    Anyway, you posted this in the wrong section. :dawg:
  3. I would naturally assume it will be during the road to Wrestlemania. To face either Brock or Punk.
  4. I meant Royal Rumble, I don't know where the fuck SUmmerslam came from. LOL
  5. It was an idea VKM had for a summer PPV to follow Wrestlemania.......Not what you meant? :jeritroll:
  6. Something tells me that Punk loses his title at Rumble to Rock, and Rock then drops it back to Punk at Elimination Chamber. Undertaker wins the rumble and faces Punk for the title. Cena vs Rock Part 2 at Mania, as well as Punk/Taker and Lesnar/HHH.
  7. NO! If that have been it need to Brock vs. Rock at WM29 and Punk vs. Taker for the WWE Champion. not that same cena vs. rock match again when it was "once in a life time"! But I said Rock win at Rumble then Punk get has way some how in the Rumble match and win it! and then vs. Rock for the wwe title at WM29 and Punk beat him to win it back! I said Taker will vs. Brock at WM29!
  8. :smug: 0% chance this happens.
  9. Well it's pretty obvious to say that Taker will be returning during the mania season and it's even more perfect to say that he'll return during or after Punk's match with the Rock. If Punk and Taker is suppose to happen, which it is rumored to be, that is the perfect time to do it. This'll get Punk out of the title while at the same time giving him something to do for mania since the WM main event is looking more like Cena vs Rock 2 everyday. #OnceInALifetimeMyAss
  10. I think Punk will drop the title at the Rumble, and in the end he'll face Taker at WM who returns at some point during RTWM.
  11. I am hoping Taker wins RR and Punk beats Rock and Taker chalenges Punk for WM. Would be Epic. Then if he can be Taker at WM, he can really say he's the best in the world. I don't think Vince is going to let him lose at this point though, he's 20-0 right?
  12. This is ridiculous. If Punk walks in to Wrestlemania as champion (especially to challenge the streak while putting the title on the line), there's zero logic in not letting him walk in with his record title reign. And no way does Rock win at the Rumble, and yet still not walk into WM as champion.
  13. Yeah Jonathan that isn't happening bud.
  14. Legend Killer Orton vs Undertaker Please
  15. As long as Orton returns as a heel I'm all for it. Early this year he was the number 2 face behind Cena. Vinnie might want him to do that again, who knows?
  16. Yeah, That's what i was meaning. Remember when he was the "legend" Killer and would just take legends out on a weekly basis? If he came back just more evil and disturbing as ever it would be great.
  17. Do you think he's up to it though? Now that he has a small child he might want to be the hero. I know if I were in a similar situation I'd want my kids to see me as the good guy.
  18. I'm not sure because it seems that he has grown as a man. That's a good point, he may not be up the antics of his younger self.
  19. Legend killer wouldn't work for one reason, he's a 9 time world champion and in kayfab that makes him a legend. The gimmick only works when you're a young kid tryna make a name imo.
  20. Unless they want to do it face vs face. Highly unlikely though.
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