WrestleMania The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar - Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Mar 7, 2014.

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  2. The Streak goes to 22-0.

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  3. Yep another predictable outcome.
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  4. Brock wins via submission.....any Takers?!?!?!?!
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  5. why are there threads for every match
  6. What is there even to discuss? Waste of another thread.
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  7. I'm legit confused. Are we using separate threads for each match instead of just having a regular discussion thread? I've seen it done on other boards, but it seems retarded.
  8. Brock Lesnar breaking Taker's arm? Yup, predictable
  9. I really do have to assume WWE has more than one plan, because Brock will not have a soft match, and god knows Taker isnt exactly in mint condition anymore. If something breaks, Brock is the perfect person to actually end the streak, WWE will just have to lock him down for another 2-3 wm's after.
  10. For people to talk about it in one place instead of like 6 threads on the same subject cluttering up the forum. Makes sense really.

    Yeah, I don't think anyone will post anything on here about Brock v Taker in the next month...
  11. One of the matches I'm looking forward to the most. Sure, it's predictable that Taker is going to 22-0, but predictability isn't that big of a deal to me if the build-up and match ends up being awesome (which this will... it's already a better build than Taker/Punk was last year.) Hopefully they put Taker through a war and maybe even have him sell a broken (or near broken) arm to add to his aura of invincibility.
  12. Everyone moans about The Streak match being predictable every year, but in the actual match you don't feel it. When Lesnar's hitting F5s and Kimura locks, you will be on the edge of your seat, guaranteed.
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  13. Streak for 22-0
    Is WWE going anywhere with the streak? Taker is getting old for this buisness and they need a guy like Daniel Bryan to end it, and please not Super Cena
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  14. As of now, the only guy I see ending the streak is Cena.
  15. Yes thats so true I remember punk having a moment last year where I thought he done it for a split second
  16. So underwhelmed by this match. Mostly because I can't stand Lesnar. Yes he's gifted, strong, whatever else evreyone says about him that is most likely true, I just can't bring myself to like him as a WWE in-ring superstar. Heel, face, or otherwise.
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  17. I'm on the 22-0 wagon as well. It's gonna be a hell of a match for sure but it just doesn't feel right Lesnar being the one to end the streak...
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  18. it wont happen, so no worries.
  19. I agree with you and here's why. I don't think Lesners gonna be the one to end the streak, for one, from the moment Lesner started letting Paul Heyman speak for him. I knew he wasn't going to be anything big in the WWE, and in the past his moments of anger the way he handled it was very childish. Plus the way he mocked Goldberg in the ring when they wrestled was a clear sign that he wasn't going anywhere and all his mocking never helped him in that match. And even when he came back he still acted cowardly in segments where he was challenged. So to me Undertaker is going to win. No matter how WWE or paul heyman tries to hype Lesner.
  20. The streak will go on, but the way Taker is looking it looks like he'll have to take on Cenas dad to make it 23-0 next year.
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