News The Undertaker Will Be Kept Off TV Until WM?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 24, 2015.

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  3. I mean like.. I guess... Would definitely much rather have him appear at least on two RAWs but.....
  4. Bray Wyatt has been playing mind games.
    The Undertaker doesn't need to be physically present for a lightning bolt to hit or for smoke to fill the ring.
    For the first time since Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker can stop being so 'human' and dig into his 'supernatural' bag of tricks.
    To be honest, who really needs Undertaker to show anyway? Sting doesn't and WWE is making that work.

    Taker showing would be cool, but he isn't lifting one finger toward Wyatt before its time. Taker has nothing against Wyatt, its mere child's play considering it's only one match.
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  5. Here's the thing though so say Taker doesn't appear until WM basically treating Wyatt's taunts like it means nothing and then they book him (Taker) to lose then that makes him look weak which we all know he's not.. with the way you're describing it sounds like that would be a perfect scenario to make Taker show up and Bray to straight job out to him.. It's going to be an interesting booking as far as reception goes, this is something I'm truly curious to see play out when all is said and done.
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  6. This sounds like the type of booking I had in mind for Taker. So he won't be on Raw, now if they just remove him from the Mania card we will be 100% on the same page.
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  7. I figured this is how they'd book it and I don't take much issue with it. Taker is still capable of fooling with Wyatt's psyche and playing mind games with him even without Taker being there in person (screwing with the lights and whatnot, making Wyatt believe he could show up at any moment, etc.), much like he did with Kane leading up to WM20. Hell, they could even have Taker's voice play over the building one night (say on the go-home Raw before Wrestlemania) and taunt Wyatt with a cryptic speech about "awakening the dead" and Taker himself would not even have to appear.
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  8. 4 weeks of lightining effects and Bray acting like a scared pussy? Yay
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  9. I don't mind this angle.

    I do wish that taker would appear as I think it would only help the feud not hurt it. However, does he have to be there? No, not really. Bray and takers video segments and creepy moments will carry this feud.
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  10. I'd put him on one or two TVs I guess, but this isn't terrible.
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  12. I dig it
  13. I dig u
  14. Worst RTWM ftw.
  15. Can't really see it being any worse than 29's was.
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  16. Armchair bookers can always do it better! Amazing how that works
  17. Damien Sandow will appear as the Sandtaker, I'm calling this shit!!
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  18. Also, some of the recent pics of Taker.

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