The undertaker!

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  1. is it just me or does the undertaker look like the love child of clint eastwood and hugh jackman?
  2. Lmao. He's bald now and has gotten a lot thinner.
  3. No he not! His hair it like it was at WM20 when return that how it long is as he since grew it back after he cut it!
  4. He was wearing a wig on his recent appearance. Dude, Undertaker is as bald as this guy now :austin:.

    Even in the recent promos, Taker was seen cutting his hair. Then wore a stupid hood the next night, lol.
  5. People look like Undertaker. Undertaker doesn't look like people. :taker:
  6. See the difference:

    Now: [​IMG]

    That should solve our little problem here.
    He lost weight because of his health atm. And also the COPD he is suffering from.
  7. Such a bad wig :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. He only cut hair in the promo half way if watch it dude! And that said short to kind what it like as big evil but I think he grow it a little back to what it was like at WM20 that is not prove he bold yet nah we can't said that he just did all this to grow it back and will not what his new look like until WM28! :taker:
  9. Haha true, the WWE creative, not being so creative.

    Where is the pony tail?
    And sure, he can try to grow it back, but if he cut or shaved it off, it would take some time to grow it back at his age.
    Maybe a coupe de la Hogan?
    Or a sad promo like Kurt Angle had.
  10. Dude Undertaker is actually bald now.
  11. 1st one is a repost Cray, be honest hahaha.. lol :emoji_wink:
    2nd one, I think he has it in a pony tail, because he had sideburns there.
  12. Is a report? Huh?

    Taker is generally bald now. I just posted bad examples.
  13. I posted 'repost' read it again, buddy.
    Haha no problemo's dude, I'm still searching for a good one, but there are no private pics from this age of time from Mean Mark yet..
  14. Poor guy needs to retire.
  15. Yeah, Taker is getting old and his health is letting him down.
    But a good way to retire?
    Hmm, it's just too hard you know. He is one of the top guys in WWE so it will be a dramatic decision to make how and when it will end.
  16. This is the biggest problem with him being under the deadman persona. How does he retire? He's shown to be an inhuman deity so him having a human trait of retirement seems off. Unless they push him as they seemed to last year as becoming less of The Undertaker and more Mark Calloway by showing him as flesh and blood.
  17. Don't want him to change his gimmick. Have it as him not thinking anyone is worthy of defending it any more (though that sort of buries current era) or have a young starlet go over him at WM. Not HHH.
  18. Yeah good point, I'm sure you're talking about that he was carried away with a stretcher after falling a few times.
    Btw, I was reading some article on the web the other day, with a big story made up by someone about his 'retirement'. I thought it was pretty good, but I can't find it anymore.
    I'm gonna look for it and post it asap.
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