The Undertaker

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 13, 2019.

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  1. So are we gonna see Undertaker slowly walk his old shakey wrinkly feeble body out again at Wrestlemania this year? I would bet on it. If WWE were smart, they should let Drew McIntyre do what he did to Kurt Angle to Taker at Mania.
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  2. Undertaker should silently retire this is getting depressing. Maybe just give him a beat down after he wins. Since these fans can't seem to let him retire in prace
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  3. The Undertaker should really throw in the towel. He's long past his prime, his yearly appearances don't have the same drawing power anymore and he's getting too old to compete even once a year. The concussion from his match with Brock Lesnar was proof of that. WWE doesn't know how to take a hint.
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  4. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. After watching that tag team match in Saudi Arabia of all places... I don't want to see Taker ever wrestle again it was painful to watch, even Triple H looked bad in that match and Kane lost his mask 2 times. Shawn Michaels actually was to only one who looked good in this match. I really think it's time to retire The Undertaker, go into the Hall of Fame and move on.
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  5. He should have retired after his loss to Roman. It was the main event of Mania, he put a new guy over (which is how he always wanted to retire) and it wasn't even a bad match to call it quits on. You couldn't have told the story of Taker being done with wrestling any better, than how they did in this match. The crowd felt for him during the match and then they started crying after the match when he walked up the ramp.
    He might have lost the streak to Lesnar, but I'm actually glad he didn't hang his boots up after that. The breaking of the streak was an incredible moment and probably the most shocking in pro wrestling history, but it just wasn't the right program to end it on and neither was Brock the right guy to retire him. His match against Roman was a passing of the torch-type moment and I'm pretty sure that even Taker wanted that feud to be his curtain call.

    This has to be his last Mania and if it's not, he's just tarnishing his own legacy even more and it hurts to look at. Someone just has to tell him that he doesn't owe this company or these crowds anything anymore, he's done everything he could do
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  6. [​IMG]
    He mite be passed it But his Hot daughter isn't................
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  7. I'd give her a Tombstone and a Last Ride lol
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  8. I’d also put her in Hells Gate if ya know what I mean.
  9. Not really but if Taker saw I'd explain I got bit by a snake and she was sucking out the poison
  10. You get bit by snakes on your penis often?
  11. Honestly I heard that on Vice City and was cracking up
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