The 'Unification' Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. On RAW, the commentary team and the authority made it clear that this is now a unification match between Orton and Cena, and not simply a champion v champion match. They said that both titles will still be above the ring, which obviously doesn't rule out the possibility of Orton and Cena each grabbing one. What makes me think that it will be a bullshit finish is that now they've got the new title's name (the "Unified WWE Championship"), why isn't that above the ring instead of the two current titles that the WWE are shitting on by doing this match? I expect Orton and Cena each to grab their own belt and for a rematch to take place at the Rumble tbh.
  2. Indeed, I just wished they would keep two titles because people who should be getting title shots are screwed in the first place. Now we'll see 24/7 Cena vs Orton vs Big Show. I know that Sandow, who should've been feuding with Cena for the WHC, won't be getting a title shot soon.

    They can redeem themselves by making Cena vs Bryan vs Punk at WM30. Just don't have THE DIAPER Blandyyyyy BORETON! win it.
  3. I would say its probably so they can both come to the ring with their respective belts and have them hung up the night of the TLC event. I see your point though.
  4. The label "Unified Champion" is actually part of what makes me think they'll go through with it without any bullshit swerve.

    It also makes me think Cena could plausibly win (although if he did, I'd expect him to just drop the belt(s) back to Orton in a rematch at the Rumble) because before, everyone knew there wasn't the slightest chance in hell that the WHC would replace the WWE Title (which it would have to if Cena was the victor) but now that the winner will be labeled the same exact thing ("Unified Champion") in spite of who wins, it doesn't matter.
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  5. ^He's so smart. Thats your MOTM people!
  6. Nah, I think that making the fuss over the name is just a way of publicising the match and make what they are proposing more clear.

    At TLC Orton and Cena will both grab a belt and the commentary team will say that it's an extraordinary moment that no one could have anticipated. The PPV will end with Cena and Orton holding their belt and looking hugely surprised, while looking strong and equal too. Hunter comes out the next night saying that it was an unexpected moment etc, and that the pair will compete in a singles match at the Rumble for the Unifield Championship. One of them wins that match to face Royal Rumble winner CM Punk at Wrestlemania. That's what I think will happen.

    MOTY by far.
  7. I think that scenario would work best if they ended up with each other's belts lol
  8. Yeah, I didn't specify which belt they got so that could happen, although do they really need an extra title on their already ridiculous records?
  9. Anyone else think Jericho will come back after the "unification" to be all "I was the first now give me a shot!"?
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  10. Plausible. But I could also see WWE wanting the champion to carry around both world titles on their shoulders for awhile (until after Wrestlemania where they'll likely just arbitrarily ditch the WHC) since that makes for a pretty prestigious image and that can only happen if there's a definitive winner at TLC (assuming they still wouldn't refer to the champion as the Unified Champion in the case that they unify the titles at the Rumble.) Still can't say I would be surprised to see the predictable swerve, though.

    Could make for an interesting title match at the Rumble. And it's a great way to book Orton from TLC to Wrestlemania if he does walk out of the TLC match as the unified champion. He unifies the belts at TLC (and brags about his superiority over Cena and how he's the true face of the company), then he defeats the original undisputed champion (Jericho) at the Rumble, then he wins the elimination chamber match for his first time in February, and then walks into Wrestlemania gloating about how he's walking in and walking out of the biggest Wrestlemania in history as the reigning champion... but of course, he doesn't. (He either loses to Punk or Bryan, take your pick. Punk is a fresh person he hasn't defeated but Bryan defeating him brings the whole thing full circle with how it all began... if Punk wins, I expect an Orton/Punk singles match, and if Bryan wins, I'm expecting a triple threat involving Punk.)
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  11. Ugh, so tired of Orton. Have to wait until WM to be rid of him as champ? Shit.
  12. Looking at our options here, it's either him or Cena as champion at the moment, All things considered, Orton is at least a fresher champion than Cena since it's been two years since he's held the title.

    It makes since for the entire Authority to suffer it's crushing defeat all at once at Mania, which means HHH losing to Vince's handpicked opponent to represent him, and Orton losing the WWE Title to whomever on the same night.
  13. I guess, still......damn it
  14. Orton vs Cena is like stale bread vs stale shit

    Cena's the bread here, give me him and fuck orton and the horse he rode in on
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  15. I've really been straining my brain here... Cena vs Orton, a match I liked before... Getting rid of a belt, something that's long overdue... Orton's finally a heel again... I'm naturally inclined to hate this match, but am not sure why outside of the "WWE" in front of "TLC". Guess it's that WWE really having a problem with giving us good things right now. After the Bryan push and a radical change in direction, going back to business as usual is a letdown on top of just being really stale. It's really because of that that people seem to be up in arms like never before right now.

    The other problem is Orton. Orton was doing a fine job when this angle was hot. Yeah, he was a paper champion, but he was also a remorseless asshole who destroyed the dreams and the careers of Cody and Goldie and attempted to ruin other characters (and the Miz, who we all would have appreciated). That worked well IMO. But right now his problem isn't his painful dullness on the mic (that's obviously a problem...) because a smart booker can play around that (but shouldn't have to). Orton plays a great badass when his actions speak louder than his words, so of course they have him playing a giant pussy. Randy Orton is a paper champion with zero momentum going up against Cena who is... well... Cena.

    Guess they're doing what they have to do. Fifty years of history. Eleven years of split championships. It all ends Sunday night... unless it doesn't.
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  16. WWE has given the fans things that on paper should be cool but they just aren't. Its like they are serving us a nice meal but they undercook the chicken, drop the rolls on the floor, the waiter sneezes and doesn't wash his hands, ect... they just can't execute anything properly it seems.
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  17. Punk and Bryan vs the Shield and Wyatts. Internet fan dream match. Three top young stars in the company. Three most highly anticipated debuting stars in a long time, not too long ago. They're fighting at the PPV and nobody gives a crap. #wwecreative

    But on topic, think the problem is that neither guy should win. This Orton title reign sucks, but maybe X-Pac heat is the best thing you can do nowadays (we just saw it make Anderson a star, didn't we?), but he has to win since he can have interesting feuds while Cena can't.
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