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  1. Hey guys! I'm planning on bringing yet another revolution to the BTB section, and that is with doing a BTB of the whole universe. Now I'm the WWE, and will be posting my shows, but I'll update you guys on happenings elsewhere.
    Shows I will provide updates on:
    TNA - Most Impacts, all PPVs
    ROH - All PPVs
    PWG - All PPVs
    Chikara - All PPVs
    NXT - All shows and PPVs
    My game is currently at the beginning of January, just in time for the build to the Rumble. I started in October with the WWE. I took out Smackdown and Main Event because I was too lazy to book them, so my only show is WWE Raw is War.
    Over the process of these four 3 months, I've built a few stars to iconic status while bumping some down, either purposefully or on accident.
    WWE Roster (open)

    Main Event (open)
    Main Event (open)

    John Cena​
    Randy Orton​
    The Big Show​
    The Miz​
    The Rock​
    Big E Langston​
    Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman​
    CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman​
    Dean Ambrose​
    Dolph Ziggler​
    Upper Midcard (open)
    Upper Midcard (open)

    Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez​
    John Morrison​
    Rey Mysterio​
    Santino Marella​
    Antonio Cesaro​
    Damien Sandow​
    Daniel Bryan​
    Mark Henry​
    Seth Rollins​
    Wade Barrett​
    Midcard (open)
    Midcard (open)

    Brodus Clay​
    Chris Jericho​
    Christopher Daniels​
    Evan Bourne​
    Kofi Kingston​
    Zack Ryder​
    Brad Maddox​
    Cody Rhodes​
    Darren Young​
    Heath Slater​
    Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter​
    Roman Reigns​
    Lower Midcard (open)
    Lower Midcard (open)

    Colt Cabana​
    Justin Gabriel​
    Sami Zayn​
    Sin Cara​
    Drew McIntyre​
    Titus O'Neil​
    Opener/Enhancement Talent (open)
    Opener/Enhancement Talent (open)

    Adam Cole​
    Ezekiel Jackson​
    Jey Uso​
    Jimmy Uso​
    Roderick Strong​
    Sweet T​
    Ted DiBiase​
    Tyson Kidd​
    Chuck Taylor​
    Curt Hawkins​
    Davey Richards​
    Junior Perfect (Joe Hennig/Curtis Axel/Michael McGillicutty)​
    Kassius Ohno​
    Steve Corino​
    Women’s Division (open)
    Women’s Division (open)

    Eve Torres​
    Kelly Kelly​
    Layla El​
    Natalya Neidhart​
    AJ Lee​
    Nikki Bella​
    Rosa Mendes​
    Occasional Wrestlers (All Face)[/CENTER (open)

    Shawn Michaels​
    The Undertaker​
    Tommy Dreamer​
    Triple H​
    Champions (open)

    WWE Championship- Dolph Ziggler after defeating The Rock
    World Heavyweight Championship- CM Punk after defeating Alberto Del Rio
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship- Dean Ambrose
    Intercontinental Championship- Cody Rhodes after defeating Kofi Kingston
    United States Championship- Big E Langston after defeating Kane, who defeated Antonio Cesaro
    WWE Divas Championship- Eve Torres
    WWE Tag Team Championship- KOW after defeating Kofi and Truth, who defeated Rhodes Scholars

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship- Bully Ray
    TNA Television Championship- Devon
    TNA X-Division Championship- Austin Aries after defeating Kenny King
    TNA Knockouts Championship- Velvet Sky
    TNA World Tag Team Championship- Aries & Roode

    ROH World Championship- Kevin Steen
    ROH TV Championship- Johnny Kashmere
    ROH Tag Team Championship- The Briscoes after defeating Fish & O'Reilly

    PWG World Championship- Nick Jackson
    PWG World Tag Team Championship- The Young Bucks

    Chikara Grand Championship- Matt Jackson after defeating Eddie Kingston
    Chikara Young Lions Cup- Dasher Hatfield after defeating Angelosetti
    Chikara Campeon de Parejas- Scott Parker and Shane Matthews

    NXT World Championship- The Great Khali (Has held the title since October first when he was sent down. Computer has had him go undefeated besides one match against Otunga)
    NXT Tag Team Championship- Graves & Camacho after defeating Neville & Grey

    Current Feuds (open)

    CM Punk vs. John Cena​
    Brock Lesnar vs. Batista​
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Jericho​
    Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins​
    Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth​
    Team 3D vs. Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy​
    Kurt Angle vs. James Storm​
    Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson​
    The Briscoes vs. Jay Lethal and Nick Jackson​
    Matt Jackson vs. Alex Shelley​
    Rhino vs. Kevin Steen​
    Paul London vs. Matt Hardy​
    Trent? vs. Nick Jackson​
    Jay Lethal vs. Kevin Steen​
    Neo Solar Temple vs. The Young Bucks​
    Gran Akuma vs. Hallowicked​
    Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst​
    David Otunga vs. Bray Wyatt​
    Mason Ryan vs. Camacho​

    Other Happenings (open)

    • Alright now I'll explain how some of the stuff happened for WWE. My first big angle was a stable called the 'Youth Movement' with Daniel Bryan as the leader, alongside Cesaro, Rollins, and Ohno. The stable was going up against Cena, Christian, Jericho, and Rey. All four of them had their overness plummet from being in a program with midcarders. Everything was going great, however, when Daniel Bryan tore a calf and went out for 3 months. The stable now had no leader, and needed someone to step in. Enter Dean Ambrose. Ambrose led the team to a Survivor Series victory with The Youth Movement and Wade Barrett over Team Cena + ADR. After TLC, the angle was dropped. Ambrose now holds a major title, the KOW holds the tag titles, and Rollins is feuding with Rey. Cena and Jericho's overness has gone back up, but Rey and Christian's is still down.
    • The Rock just hasn't done shit. He Main Evented 3 PPVs and pulled in poor quality matches for all. The Rock's era in the WWE is nearing an end, or so it seems.
    • Brock Lesnar has yet to lose a single match, and it hasn't been close
    • Big E is undefeated while holding the United States Title, and has pulled double duty on back to back PPVs.
    • Daniel Bryan is set to return in a few weeks, but owner Owen Rey may hold off on his return.
    • Dean Ambrose is the talk of the wrestling world right now, as he is the most over active wrestler in the business other than CM Punk.
    • The WCW World Heavyweight Championship was brought in by Scott Hall when he came in for a one-off appearance. He awarded it to Dean Ambrose, saying that the Youth Movement was reminding him of his nWo days. It was meant as a one-time trophy, but Ambrose has turned it into a major title.
    • After the WWE stunk up two PPVs in a row because of shitty Rock matches, owner Owen Rey decided to take action and head into the new year strong. The Undertaker came back for two matches on Raw, against Brock and Kane. HHH came back from his training gig in NXT to lose to Brock Lesnar. HHH is back training, and The Undertaker may not come back for a month or two. Now that they built momentum, the WWE is looking to capitalize with a John Cena and CM Punk feud which will hopefully produce multiple Match of the Year candidates.

    Releases (open)

    • I have let go of Mick Foley, Brie Bella, Tamina Snuka, Jimmy Hart, Carlos Cabrera, Lex Luger, Ranjin Singh, and Cameron of the Funkadactyles.
    • Luckily, nobody liked Cameron so she left with no hassle. Brie was fired for repeatedly pulling pranks and then fighting with a fan. Due to her firing, Nikki hasn't been in a good mood for a month. Luger failed a drug test and I fired his ass at the first offense. Ranjin Singh is a useless piece of crap. Tamina was a fairly easy choice, as her wrestling skills weren't far enough above the rest of the women to consider keeping her for her asking price. I feel bad about Foley, but he wanted too much and I never used him on TV. If he's willing to step in the ring one more time, he may come back to fight Ambrose.

    Talk of the indie scene (open)

    • Kevin Steen has impressed at every card he's been on. ROH officials are very high on him and consider him their best performer.
    • The Young Bucks are all over the independent scene, winning both singles and tag titles. Their performance hasn't been particularly good, but they are the hottest act right now.
    • Eddie Kingston and Chikara had a small falling out where he left the company, but he's back now.
    • Michael Elgin is in a gigantic slump right now, seemingly losing every match.

    Dirtsheet (open)

    • Sources say that Daniel Bryan is planned to get a huge push to make up for his lost time, and he may get thrown right into a feud with Ambrose over who deserved to be the leader. (Speculation)
    • Sources are saying that Owen Rey is looking to the indies to fill up an already-stacked NXT roster, led by The Great Khali. Owen is genuinely getting a kick out of seeing Steve Keirn and Dusty Rhodes book Khali like a God, and needs more talent to put Khali over. Because of this, literally every talent has sent dozens of emails requesting to get called up, with all being ignored other than Sami Zayn. (100% True)
    • With Christian in no-mans-land, Owen Rey and head booker Vince McMahon are trying to come up with creative ideas for the former World Champion, with nothing good coming up. The general consensus backstage is that Christian is past his prime and can't perform at a high enough level for a huge push. (Multiple Sources have confirmed and denied)
    • Shawn Michaels has been showing up backstage at many shows recently, leading many to wonder what his future is with the WWE. He has been working as the head trainer at the WWE Tough Enough Dojo ever since Dory Funk retired.
    • TNA announcer Mike Tenay is the most loyal man in the business. After the WWE offered him 125k per month, with a 125k signing bonus and 125k per appearance, creative control, wage matching, and hiring veto, Mike Tenay denied, simply stating that he doesn't want to leave TNA. TNA hasn't been as loyal to other talent, however. They let go of Christopher Daniels, Alex Silva, Rob Terry, and even STING in the past month. (100% True)
    • There are rumblings of who may win the Rumble, with two of the World Title feuds already seemingly set in stone for Wrestlemania. However, Ambrose has no feud right now and has been beating high level talent, particularly the Miz in recent weeks. Expect the Royal Rumble winner to face Ambrose at Wrestlemania. (Speculation)
    • TNA is looking to take the TV Title off of Devon, but doesn't have the midcard star to do it. TNA has been frantically trying to build midcard talent, but for some reason they keep putting Devon over them. When asked for comment, Dixie simply said, "Devon is the future of this business. I have full confidence in him to take the TV Title to new heights." Dixie clearly needs to sell the company.
    • The Aces and Eights Storyline seems to be winding down (Likely), much to the joy of TNA fans everywhere.

    ~~~ If you want me to add any promotions to this, I can easily do that. Just realize I don't book for them so can't take creative ideas for them. However, I'm open to all ideas for the WWE. Enjoy. ~~~​
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