The Untold Toughness of Seth Rollins

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. :tough:

    "Heyman Hustle" exclusive. Blog post by Gabe Sapolsky about Seth Rollins.

  2. I always have liked Rollins the most out of the rest of shield. Roman Reigns completely sucks and is extremely boring in my opinion. Dean Ambrose may have talent in that ring but from what I've heard, Ambrose is a complete asshole. Rollins on the other hand, is talented in that ring and from the sound of it, he's talented out of it as well. Hopefully Rollins is in the WWE for a long time. I'd like to see him get turned on by the rest of Shield soon and go face because as good as Shield were when they started, just attacking people is getting boring. Maybe they could turn on him at WM. Anyway, I see good things for Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns, I hope not so much.
  3. I prefer Reigns :mad1:
  4. Heard parts of this story before. Great read.
  5. Seth Rollins sucks, the other Shield members suck, just get rid of them
  6. Source on this?
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  7. Aside from not liking Reigns, same here. My favorite member is Rollins, followed closely by Ambrose then Reigns. I figure they'll split sooner rather than later, but who knows. I marked when I got to go to a house show last year and Rollins came out while he was with FCW. I was shocked but stoked. Was great to see him in action before he eventually got in on Raw. Great worker.
  8. It was an interesting read as Paul Haymen defiantly knows how to write proper and entertaining version of events. It's great to hear that Brave recovered and is well even though that means his wrestling career is gone, as long as he's alive.
  9. Not Heyman that wrote this story. It's written by Gabe Sapolsky, founder of Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA. He's a student of Heyman and worked under him in ECW. He wrote it for Heyman's website.
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  10. Great read.
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  11. Oh, right. I wasn't aware so credit to Gabe Sapolsky.
  12. Never heard about this, I feel bad for the other guy who got paralyzed.
  13. Very nice read, interesting story as well.
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