Kayfabe The Usual (Democracy Rules Follow Up)

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  1. - The Usual -

    Written by:


    "I don't go crazy. I am crazy. I just go normal from time to time." - Unknown


    *Aleks Grayson can be seen walking around back after the brutal match he had just endured. The Crazed Prince is still in his ring gear but the tape on his hands has been peeled off, only leaving a few strands of under wrap. His face and chest are starting to bruise from his long time spent in the ring, and the blood from his cut has begun to dry. The Butcher’s face is sculpted calmly. (Let it be known that Aleks is at his most dangerous when he’s calm) as he passes by some production workers. He continues walking before he finally decides to settle himself on a table near the catering area. The plastic fold out table bends slightly, letting the nearby Jack Daniels Whiskey and other refreshments to slide close to him. Aleks smirks as he reaches for his favorite drink, taking the bottle with his left hand. He isn’t even able to take the cap off as a familiar figure enters his vision. It’s that of his beloved. Jane is wearing a short worn out denim jacket with a loose white shirt underneath. Her legs are covered by black leggings, along with ankle high brown boots. As she makes her way over towards him, she begins to put up her now light blonde hair into a quick ponytail*

    Alright, let’s see what we got.

    *She sets down a black duffel bag and quickly unzips it, pulling out a smaller bag with a white medical cross on it from within. The pulling of this bag causes the same leather strap in his earlier segment to be flipped stud side up. The Grayson woman opens the smaller bag, pulling out a pair of blue plastic gloves. She can be seen removing her wedding band and ring from her left hand and setting the rather extravagant piece of jewelry down carefully before donning the gloves*

    Oh you know … the usual.

    *Jane’s expression is focused as she pulls out a rag and some rubbing alcohol. She dabs the rag in it*

    The usual huh?

    *Aleks and she lets out a chuckle as she caresses his chin to turn his head all around, looking at the cut on his lip and the bruises that have made their home near his left eye*


    *Jane reaches for the rag and raises it*

    It’s not too bad. I mean, you’ve left arena's in worse.

    *Aleks smirks, making some fresh blood emerge from the cut*

    Like the time they had to wheel me out in a garbage can?

    *She giggles as she begins to clean the cut gently, causing Aleks to twitch slightly*

    You couldn’t even walk.

    *A few moments go by and Jane has cleaned it to the best of her ability. With that wound clean she walks to the nearby ice machine and gathers a few scoops. Aleks smoothly turns his head to admire her. Jane deposits the solid water into a few bags and walks back towards him, rolling her eyes. She quickly goes back into her “bag of tricks” and pulls out some tan bandage. She stops suddenly and looks him in the eyes*

    Alright, why are you not coming unglued after what happened out there? I mean … you had the guy that’s been annoying you on Twitter insult you by hitting you with the AK-00! AND to top it all off, they got the win. You’re only this calm when you’re thinking of a plan. So tell me.

    *Aleks grabs the bottle again, fully undoing the lid and circling the bottle in his hand. As the liquor swirls around he speaks*

    You really wanna know?

    Yeah. I do.

    *The Crazed One leans in towards her*

    It’s because I already planted his face in the concrete. I got even. No plan.

    *He leans back*

    Plus he needed three other guys to carry him to that win, so he’s not worth the effort.

    *Jane looks him dead in his eyes and blinks twice*

    I … I honestly can’t tell if you’re fucking with me …

    *Aleks points the bottle at her and winks before taking a swig of the whiskey, not caring that the liquor is burning his cut. Jane shakes her head, her eyebrows furrowing as she readies her ice and bandage*

    So you’re not gonna do your normal “Aleks-y” things?

    nnnNope … well … I might … I dunno yet.

    *She places the ice bag and begins to wrap it in place on his right shoulder. Jane looks at his face, focusing on his slightly swollen left eye. Aleks remains silent as she finishes that wrap and as she begins to work on his rib wrap. He takes another swig as Jane finishes her wrapping. Her hands quickly shed the blue plastic into a nearby garbage can and she puts her rings back on. Aleks sets down the bottle*

    There, as good as … well ... used.

    *She tilts her head to look at the bruising that’s come in*

    But you’re still as handsome as ever.

    *She plants a light kiss on his cheek, which makes the “Crazed Prince” smile as he goes through the bag, pulling out a red shirt and dog tags. He slowly puts the cut off shirt on, revealing the white “Arkansas” lettering and Nike logo that adorns it. After, he slides the tags over his head, letting them fall around his neck. He takes in a deep breath and claps his hands together before letting the breath out*

    So! … what do I owe you nurse?

    *She places a finger on her lips*

    Hmmmm … How about some steak?

    Sure thing darlin’.

    *Aleks puts on some black Nike shorts from out of the bag. After he is “panted” he slides off the table*

    So, where do you want to go?

    *As Grayson starts the sentence he grabs the bag with his left hand and stands beside his wife*

    You can pick ... and pay ... and drive.

    So like usual?


    *She puts her arm around his lower torso, careful not to hurt him. The two walk towards the parking lot, ending the scene*


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