The WACK Album

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lady Deathbane, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Any Lonely Island fans here? Well, they just released a video yesterday/early this morning about their new album, "THE WACK ALBUM"!​
    I thought they would have released a lot more songs and music videos leading up to the album like they did with Turtleneck and Chain, but guess not. They only released YOLO. Still can't wait, though!​

  2. When is it out? So pumped.
  3. I actually do really like these guys.
  4. June 11th according to this
  5. I really wonder what celebrities they collabed with this time. Turtleneck and Chain had such a great selection of mainstream and non-mainstream artists.

    I'm still waiting for the day they collab with Cena, lmao. That'd be hilarious.
  6. "I Fucked My Aunt" - one of the songs off their new album.​

    They're posting a new song and/or video (or maybe just a preview) every Wednesday until their album comes out. They're calling it "Wack Wednesdays". This one's, IMO, not their best work but it's still pretty funny, lol.
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  7. Not the same without the video. Lol @ the fags disliking that video though.
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  8. Yeah, haha. And lol, watch the same fags love the new album lol
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  9. :yay: I like it! I was SO glad when she corrected them at the end, lol.

    I posted a music video before for a parody song "Bad Grammar" by [email protected] but don't think people appreciated it much. :haha:
  10. Omg, I'm laughing at this new song, lmaoooo. I love Lonely Island so much.

  11. They got Robyn on a track? Call me interested.
  12. There were hashtags at the end of the video that went really fast, but I took the time to write down all of them. The hashtags were names of celebrities, so I'm assuming they're the artists they collabed with this album. The list is:

    Adam Levine
    Solange Knowles
    Kendrick Lamar
    Pharrell Williams
    Hugh Jackman
    Too $hort
    Justin Timberlake
    Kristen Wiig
    Lady Gaga
    Billie Joe Armstrong
  13. Sounds like an interesting bunch. Nice to see Robyn getting some more exposure in the US. God knows she deserves it. Super talented girl.

    You wish you could rock a backwards fur cardigan.
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  14. Lmao at her rolling around on the floor, but she is pretty talented. :smug:
  15. So glad Timberlake is on it again.
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  16. This song's great, I didn't know them but I may buy their new album...
  17. They've been uploading once, sometimes twice a week this month, great deal. Really looking forward to a new "we'll kill you" or "we like sportz" video. The ones without samberg to me are by far the funniest.

    Also Hugh Jackman? Interested.

  18. spoiler of what it spells out:

    Show Spoiler
    "Dude that has sex with pigs for money but only as a side thing right now, I'm just short on cash and have irons in the fire but in this economy it'll have to do my name is Lenny."
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  19. LOL, oh wow. :dawg:

    I just hope there's still a lot left in the album after all these releases :urm:
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