TV The Walking Dead Season 7: Predictions?

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    It's coming... after a long wait we will see who gets killed off by Neagan immediately in the beginning of the premiere. Each preview was clever enough not to include ANY of the people who Neagan could of killed, instead only showing Morgan, Carol, Neagan himself, Jesus, Gregory, Heath, Dwight, Ezekiel (WITH HIS FUCKING TIGER), Tara, Heath and Enid. So anyone is on the block, The Spoiling Dead has had a prediction and so has this other site, the 1st one being the most reliable but they even said they were not sure. With that said I compiled my prediction and what I wanna see in this spoiler.

    Show Spoiler

    -As TSD has said, I think Glenn and Abe will both die. Chances are Neagan picks Glenn, and Abe who was in that state of mind ready to have kids and had those conversations with Glenn over the decision, snaps and goes after Neagan resulting in him getting his brains knocked out too. Michonne was also predicted but let us not forget if you read the comics... Neagan doesn't kill women or children, it's unclear if that Neagan persona is in the TV series but it was revealed he will have wives (one of them being Dwight's former wife). Reason behind Glenn is because that happened in the comics, Abraham died in the comics how Denise died in the last season with an arrow to the head, so he's already past his comic book character life.
    -We'll see a ton of Dwight's story, most likely a flashback episode on when he finally joins the saviors, and his wife becomes Neagan's wife. This is also where Neagan brands him with the iron (hence his scarred face).
    -Carol's time will be up, in the comics, she dies back in the prison by commiting suicide,her health is already deteriorating, she might feed herself to the walkers hence killing off 2 season 1 debuted characters in this upcoming season. TWD has not had a character who debuted in season 1 die since season 3 (The last one was Andrea). So this would be a major kill off.
    -Rick's hand will get cut off, it has to, Lincoln wants it to happen, everyone is waiting, we got one eyed Carl, now we need one handed Rick.
    -This one is bold and it is just something I really wanna see, I want Daryl to join the saviors by the end of Season 7. I don't know how, maybe because of Carol's suicide if that happens, I wanna see him go bad and shock everyone.

    What do you guys predict
  2. Carol will still suck

    Jesus will be cool

    Darryl still has AJ Styles hair

    They eat the tiger

    Trevor has a big role cause GTA V
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  3. It w
  4. It will either be gleen (to replicate the comic) or both gleen and Abraham like the spoiler says.....Abraham was supposed to be the one shot in the eye with the arrow instead of the not so confident doctor but they changed the scene....
    Rick @ Carl are safe (Plot armor)
    Michonne, sasha, and Maggie are safe (Negan doesn't kill women and children)
    Daryl is a fucking bad ass (The fans would riot) But he is on a new show I heard so does he have time to do both?....Idk I hope so
    Eugene is safe (I don't think it would be worth the wait for it to be Eugene.... he is a lovable character but his death wI
    ll not have enough sting)
    And who gives a f**k about Aaron
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  5. Aaron can have a big potential story arc, he should get more screen time
    Daryl is bound to live, if not holy shit but I will keep watching
    Eugene is really crucial for Alexandria's future if you see the comics
    Maybe it should just be Abe actually, I wanna see Glenn keep going and become a dad unlike in the comics
  6. I
    I agree gleen should live that would be cool but idk if that will happen....... I do follow the comics the show walks a fine line with the comics but things like carl's eye and rick's hand I didn't know if they would go that route but Carl got hit in the eye so I guess anything goes! I really thought they cut Maryl's hand off so they wouldn't have to cut Rick's but we shall see soon I guess....Neagan should kill 2 people for the f***ing wait!
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  7. I don't think anyone would really care if Abraham was killed off, and imo that cliffhanger wait time would have been for nothing. I want someone big to be killed off like Daryl. I feel like they fucked themselves from using Glenn since they did the dumb cliffhanger.....What sort of gay cliffhanger it would be if they ended up going with the comics anyway. My pick goes for Daryl since he would probably make the biggest impact behind Rick.

    Negan will be really awesome. Only reason I'm enjoying the show right now (Waited all of last season for those last few minutes)

    We then have all the other stuff such as The Kingdom from the comics. I don't want them to end the Negan stuff this season since I want him to make a big impact. The big fight between Negan and the Alexandria group should be awesome (Think it was called "All Out War" in the comics)

    Overall I'm looking forward to the season because of Negan. I really don't care about much else since I have lost so much interest in the show.
  8. The premiere is a few hours away and I can't wait.
    My guess, is that Abraham is gonna the one to get killed by Negan, which is a shame, because he's one of the funniest and also badass characters on the series. But I think it might be his time.
  9. Him and Glenn will get it. Would be really fucked if he kills Maggie and Glenn, but a lot of people think that's going to happen.
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  10. It's definitely one of those 3 judging from the last episode of season 6.
  11. Man I can't wait!!!! I think that it will be Gleen and Abraham for the wait...........2 people have to die!
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  12. What if they kill Darryl? I heard the first episode is called Right hand man..............Isn't Darryl the "Right Hand Man"......Idk I could be wrong
  13. Either Glenn, Abraham or Aaron will get killed by Neagan. Carol will die soon hopefully.
  14. :what:"You don't like carol?"
  15. People still watch this show?
  16. I do
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  17. There it was boys.... my god....

    @CM Punk it is still amazing
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  18. Damn man :phew: He fucked them up @C.M. Shaddix
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  19. Sorry, it's too fake for me. I'll stick to wrestling
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  20. People like Carol? I am miffed.

    Last couple of seasons were alright, it's watchable innit. Just waiting for Punisher's show.

    I wouldn't go that far.
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