The way AJ is being booked

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Is perfect in my opinion. I called him taking out Storm after saving him (couple others did too), and I'm glad it happened. He's like the outlaw you don't want to fuck with at the moment; the guy who is saying nothing. How long should they go with this? Is he going to feud with Storm now and would you want that?
  2. He shouldn't feud with anyone IMO, play the who is he playing for card.
  3. DAT HOOD after he nailed Storm :boss:

    Yeah, it's brilliant booking of a brilliant wrestler. It was epic moment at 3:40
  4. The hood automatically coming up was fate. It looked so dope.
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  5. It seems he still doesn't know who he is right now. He has to discover who he is and what he wants and will do anything until he finds out those two.
  6. Yes. No wrestling until BFG please.
  7. No wrestling until BFG. Maybe let him have a confrontation with Bully at Slammy to show his allegiance to TNA. Since they seem to be borrowing from the Sting story then let them do things right.
  8. So not happening. What (realisticly) you could ask for is until Slammy on June 2nd in Boston.
  9. Well duh that would be the #2 hope

    Knowing TNA they will probably have him wrestle at the next Live Impact :((
  10. Loved it, tweener, works great.
  11. Until he starts talking and reveals a reinvented gimmick (in more depth), I'll continue to not care about him.
  12. Anyone sigging this?

  13. I would but Bobby Roode. :sad:

    Love AJ's hair though.
  14. I love his HOOD!
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  15. Tempted to.
  16. You are welcome my dear friend.
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