The way they wrote Bryan out

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. So what are your thoughts on the way that they booked Bryan some time off to grieve? Was it the right thing to do or should they have done it a different way?

    I cannot fault the respect they are giving the man so he can go grieve and handle logistics around his father's burial. And I personally have no problem with the Kane attack thing. It helps the feud between the two into ER actually. Skips the first tentative steps and goes directly into the heel taking out the face. Giving Bryan reason for wanting to kick Kane's head in on his return.
  2. It was very good. I mean, if they're going with Kane/Bryan for ER it's the most logical step. Not only you put Kane over as a monster (instead of just a random Chokeslam, three Piledrivers? And on the outside and stuff? Even though I'm against a Kane ME push I can't deny that that was awesome), have him get the heat on Bryan, and have a legit segment where it makes sense for DB to be out. Great!
  3. Yeah, very smart. Gives Bryan a couple of weeks to get his shit sorted, while making Kane look like a fucking monster.

    Should have been chokeslammed through the table at the end, though the piledrivers were awesome.
  4. I think using the same move three times kinda made the impact of the Tombstone lessen.
  5. i think it did Make Look Kane More of a Monster with the Addition of Stephanie Shouting Stop at Kane and Kane not Listening,i thought that Part was brilliant but one thing that Kills This Kane Character is the Video that WWE Posted Earlier

    one day he is a Monster that can't be Stopped next Day he's giving Tips on Tag Teams?
  6. Had no idea about the father passing away. That sucks. :downer:

    When watching the segment, all I could think of was just how devastating/cool that would be if I was a kid. Was a great way to get heat on Kane and all the piledrivers are just things we don't see all that often so it looked pretty brutal, especially the one on the steps, was legit concerned.

    And the way Kane was ignoring Steph's calls was a great touch, all I could think of was the uncontrollable Alexander Rusev always listens to Lana because no matter how savage they are, no man ignores the commands of a beautiful woman.... except Kane, who isn't a man, he's a monster.
  7. It was a classy move and made Kane look pretty badass.
  8. You could see he was hurting emotionally when he came out... bags under his eyes, tears welling up.. it was good to just get it out of the way and get him on his way... word is that as soon as he got backstage his bags were already in his car, a few of the other wrestlers said their condolences, and he hopped in his car and was on the way to the airport immediately. He was in the air on the way home before RAW was off the air.

    The attack by Kane was strong and relentless, exactly what it needed to be to send the message that the match at ER is not going to be a pushover as everyone thinks it will be.. Kane is going to put up a huge fight... and with him in just about the best shape of his career I think he'll hang with Bryan. Should be a good match.
  9. Personally I think the idea of Kane beating the shit out of your world champ in 2014 sucks, or being involved in a title feud at all... fuck Kane lol. Go away. Retire bro.
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  10. I am a fan of the storyline they put in place, but the execution on RAW was just awful lol. Good try though, good try
  11. I thought it was a good way to write him out as when he returns he will beat up Kane alot worse than what he did to him. Bryan needs this time off to grieve as his father just passing away like that so suddenly the minute he got back from honeymoon must of been heartbreaking you could tell he had been crying when he made his entrance on Raw
  12. I thought this was a very good way of writing Bryan off for at least another week. You could see the pain in DB as soon as he came out and I hope that the WWE will allow him to grieve as long as he needs, which I'm sure that they will. Kane delivering three Tombstone's in various positions around the ring was a good way of re-introducing 'The Monster' Kane to us. Masked Kane > Corporate Kane.
  13. No other way to do it really, gave Kane the credibility he needed and wrote him off TV. I'm glad they didn't do something silly like have Stephanie "suspend" him for a week. Feel so bad for the guy, I can't fathom what it was like to have to go on stage live on International Television hours after finding out your father had died. Poor guy.
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  14. Think they should have just said, Bryan's father died, he is taking time off. The fact he even showed up for work is something not many people would do.
  15. Makes Kane look a massive threat, so it was a good way imo.
  16. Even a 10 year old wouldn't buy Kane as a threat to DB's title.

    I guess that leaves the 8 and 9 year olds.
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  17. Of course he's not going to win the title. I think this segment was more of a notice that Kane won't be lying down in the title match, that it will be a tough fight.. but yeah, there is no threat to Bryan's title in this match. WWE is so predictable nowadays that it is few and far between that a true fan can't guess the outcome of a match, what happens in the ring before a win or loss is what matters and I think it will be an entertaining match from both wrestlers before Bryan retains.
  18. Hope you enjoy it man, doubt I check it out.

    I'm just hoping WWE gets it right and puts that shitty match on in the middle of the show. Wyatt/Cena and Evolution/Shield are bigger matches.
  19. Good segment, but it was just the standard "my gawd, Kane's a monster again!!1!" How many times have we seen this, and how long does the reinvigoration of Kane's monstrosity ever last? In this case, it looks like it'll last all of two weeks since that's the amount of time between Raw this past Monday and Extreme Rules... unless they go and book a rematch between them at Payback ( I have a bad gut feeling over that one for some reason), but I'm really hoping my intuition is wrong on that one. If the Bray/Cena feud ends at ER, then I'm thinking Bryan/Wyatt happens at Payback.

    The match should be good, though. And I guess it's cool that the history between Daniel Bryan and Kane is wrapped up for good exactly one year after they last teamed together on the same PPV.
  20. Let me play the hipster role here, or the D'Z role from earlier this year, or the NFL Rain role, or... whatever lol

    In a perfect world, we could get HHH vs Bryan, Hunter's lackies + Flair vs the Shield, and Kane vs some veteran at a libertarian rally off our TV. Apparently Triple H has a leg injury going into this feud with the Shield, and he won't be nearly 100%. So maybe it's better off that he is limited in a tag match and appreciate him even doing that for us.

    And while it would technically be better for this IC title tournament to be for the World Title since there's 6 world champs in it + Barrett and Cesaro (who could win and give us an IWC dream match), that would make no sense in kayfabe. And while nobody could possibly care about Bryan vs Kane, it keeps the Authority storyline alive and even makes it better by pissing off the IWC yet again.

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