Other The 'What grinds your gears?' Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. The thread is simple, someone posts things they have an issue with. The next person posts their thoughts on the above issues and then posts one themselves. I'll start it off...

    Locking your keys in your vehicle.
  2. METAL

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  3. You have issues with Metal Gear? :O

    also, Fast Food Staff that try to push the fucking combo on you. GTFO BIATCH!
  4. dude the other day they were like WANNA MAKE THAT MEDIUM DRINK A LARGE FOR ONLY 20 cents MORE???

    and I was about to cuss them out but then I realized that was a whale of a deal. I enjoyed my plethora of beverage for the rest of the day.
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  5. You gotta supersize dude. Always. Supersize.

    The thing I hate is if you go in for a burger and they try to shove down the other shit like fries and sodas when all I need is a burger! DAMN COMMIE BASTARDS!
  6. Heterosexuals. Like why dont you go make a baby or something, asshole.
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  7. It's the way they're trained and how the items come st sometimes. When I worked at Jack in the Box, most items were at the touch of the combo button, and my manager said we had to offer the combo, and some customers also sometimes mean they want the combo when they say the item, but don't say it.
  8. So, about 20 or so minutes ago... I received a call (which wasn't from an unknown number, btw) and that girl wouldn't say her name, yet I couldn't make out what she was saying and I hung up. So, I called her up about 5 mins later and asked her who was that, she said 'Me', I was like 'why'd ya call me?' and she was like 'Suck it' and then she hung up on me. I mean, what in the actual fuck? What an imbecile.
  9. This shitty Summer grinds my gears. Big time. It's bloody hot from early AM and then at 5-6 PM, there's stupid rain and shit.
  10. This thread along with some others being unnoticed grinds my gears.
  11. Eating some amazing soup and cracking open a beer, nothing grinds my gears today. Oh, and i'm going to own Tsar's sig again.
  12. People that use hashtags on Facebook. I mean, seriously? Piss off and go on Twitter and use that shit.
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