The 'Whatever Happened to *insert name here' Topic

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  1. Yes... the topic for all those guys that you wonder WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL THEY WENT...

    Like the obvious one for me, Monty Brown, I really think if he stayed in WWE, he'd be main eventing ppvs, and you may not have Ryback currently in the spot he's in.

    Also, I find it hilarious mostly anyone Punk's associated with pretty much falls by the wayside. Cabana just fell off the charts, along with Mercury and Gallows and almost everybody on Punk's own personal Nexus. Could the Shield suffer the SAME FATE? I hope not.
  2. Gallows aka Drew Hankinson is being put to great use by TNA

    I would do a 'whatever happened to...' but I'm so well informed I would probably just know the answer.
  3. Whatever happened to Chris Benoit?
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  4. I know Gallows is in TNA, I mean they were building him up to rival Punk, and actually do stuff, but then all of a sudden, he just disappeared off the radar in WWE, until he went to TNA.
  5. Well he had his stint on Ring Ka King.
  6. HE ALSO HAD A STINT IN JAPAN, but no one talks about that.

    Anyways, another name which seemed to drop off the face of the earth in WWE was Billy Kidman, IMO. After his injury, WWE was all 'NOPE' and dropped him.
  7. What ever happened to Elix Skipper?
  8. Kidman still works for the WWE. When he was injured he asked for a job as a backstage producer and he got one.
  9. Eh? I thought he got injured and released in 2005, and got hired in 2007 as a trainer for FCW, which is why he was touring the indies for that 2 year gap?

    Anyways, still not the truthful point of this topic. He was in a few decent feuds, then after an injury, WWE just drops the guy. Kind of sad for a guy who actually beat Hogan.
  10. perry saturn last i heard he dissappeared literally
  11. You dick. :dawg:
  12. Whatever happened to Mike Adamle?
  13. Katie Vick?
  14. The Headbangers
  15. What's a Chris Benoit? Never heard of such a thing, sounds like you made it up. :vince:
  16. Wrestled numerous independent shows in Iowa in the past 6 months.

  17. Didn't Saturn literally just reappear after being missing for about 5 years lol.
  18. Also didn't Adamle just disappear from his job at a sports station one day and wasn't seen for like 4 months?
  19. Re: RE: The 'Whatever Happened to *insert name here' Topic

    They actually are trying to make a return to the WWE. They had a webpage about wanted fans to get Vince to bring them back.

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  20. Actually they are signed to Ring of Honor currently. Working as the Guardians of Truth.
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