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  1. Last night Sandow unsuccessfully cashed-in on Cena, while Del Rio asked for his rematch for the title.

    Where are they going with the belt? Del Rio to win it back? A triple threat match at Survivor Series? Sandow not being involved again would be harsh. Cena to retain?
  2. Cena will carry the belt to Mania where it will be unified with the WWE Championship and Royal Rumble winner Daniel Bryan will win the new unified title.

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  3. Yeah, going ahead and writing off Sandow now would be for the best if they're going to unify the titles. Cena has his WWE Title rematch that surely WWE didn't forget about, and if Cena unifies the belts that'll tie Flair for most title reigns... Surely Vince loves that.

    I would have enjoyed seeing him keep the briefcase after the title was unified, and it be rendered useless, just for Sandow to have more to intelligently bitch about. Possibly even do a kayfabe lawsuit, another stupid lawsuit angle would grind my gears but Sandow could make it work.
  4. Man I hope so. This two upper tier belt crap is killing me.
  5. Yeah, I suppose that if it'll end up with the title unification it's fine.
  6. I wonder what Sandow thought when they told him he would be cashing in, but not winning. Only the 2nd one to not become champ on a cash in right?
  7. They probably told him he'll be pushed to the moon and probably that he would turn face in the bargain. All they had to tell him is that he would get a chance to look strong against Cena before finally being stopped by Superman. He got more pub from that fairly long TV match than he's gotten for anything in his WWE career.

    Damien Sandow is a future WWE Champion. And all future WWE Champions get to do a few jobs. This is him paying his dues. He'll break out in 2014.

  8. I don't agree with Sandow losing, First of all he beat the holy crap out of Cena and targeted the arm the most, He destroyed the briefcase off Cena's skull but somehow some way Cena pulls out the win, I'm not going to blame Cena on it because I am sure he disputed this backstage also beause its the creative team that book him the way he is but what has happened happened and there is no way to change that, Honestly I am glad in a way as I feel Sandow being pushes too fast can harm him, Sandow's character is golden but honestly you need to think "Could this work as a World Champion?" yes and no on that but we will see over time goes on.

    Writing off Sandow from the world title would be a bad idea and after Cena losing the briefcase shot last year and going into a Triple Threat at Summerslam I could see Sandow going into the match but of course not winning, Del Rio winning would be plain bad, I would enjoy a nice little Cena reign, Would also enjoy his facing Bryan again and wouldn't mind if Bryan lost as Cena put him over clean at Summerslam. Cena keeping the title is best for business :jbl:
  9. Why would you think Cena wouldn't want to go over? Wrestling is a dog eat dog business where you have to take care of number one. I'm positive he wouldn't ever turn down a chance to hold a title.
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  10. :angry:
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