The WHC is retired..

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  2. :sad: Goodbye big sexy belt
  3. Man, I'm sure as hell gonna miss that title, it was one of my favorites.:sad:
  4. I`m gonna miss that title, it had the best look and it was one of my all time favourites
  5. It's going to take some getting used to with the title gone and I haven't been watching nearly as long as most of you have. RIP WHC :downer:
  6. I remember as a kid growing up that I always wanted to win the WHC more than the WWE belt. There was just something about it that I loved. Especially with the likes of HHH, Goldburg, Edge, Flair, Benoit, Rhodes all wearing it, it just was so much cooler than the WWE belt.

    Piece of wrestling history being laid to rest
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  7. Dammit guys....:upset:
  8. Why retire the WHC but then decide to call the unified champion the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? That makes it sound like the WHC is now the one existing world title of the company.
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  9. Because it was the name of the belt before WCW became a on TV thing? When Hart held it it was the WWF world heavyweight title.
  10. That was years ago, though. I don't remember when (probably around the late 90's) but they started just calling it the WWF/E Title at some point even before the WHC became a WWE defended championship.
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  11. I thought it was just a combination of both. They never really called the World Heavyweight title the WWE World Heavyweight title, and they never called the WWE title the WWE Heavyweight title either since bringing in the WHC if I remember(it's also why they changed ECW World Heavyweight title to ECW title so it wouldn't be confused with the World Heavyweight title).
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  12. They started calling it the WWF/E title when WCW's TV product took of and they had a world title. Plus with this name they pay tribute to both titiles, tying in both legacies, which was a big part of the hype into the match.
  13. The only time you would see the words "WWE World Heavyweight Championship" written was in press releases relating to the WHC, This was done to differentiate it from other companies' world titles.

  14. I don't get why WWE are so against that big wonderful Gold Belt!
  15. Well, it really makes sense. It's better to drop this belt than to drop the WWE title's lineage.
  16. What about the WHC lineage???
  17. Tied in with the WWE one.

    They drop the WHC since it is not a WWE creation.
  18. It only dates back to 2002 officially. Nothing compared to the WWE title's lineage, and if you want to get it back from 1905, well, most of that was outside of WWE. So it wouldn't make sense to pick the "outsider" championship over the home title, in a way.
  19. Why's everyone upset? The titles been absolute shit for fucking years now, lol.
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