The Winter Warriors Tour Rolls into Atlanta This Saturday!

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  1. Saturday, February 21st, 2015 - North Atlanta Trade Center
    The final stop on the ROH WINTER WARRIOR'S TOUR is just days away! But February 21st is also the last stop before we celebrate Ring of Honor's 13TH ANNIVERSARY on pay-per-view in Las Vegas. Aggression will be at an all time high in Atlanta while everyone tries to get a last minute advantage before the ANNIVERSARY. Plus - just announced- legendary NFL player JOHN ABRAHAM will be there at the North Atlanta Trade Center to back up his former teammate, MOOSE! Don't miss your chance to be there LIVE for our return to Atlanta! To get your tickets to Ring of Honor's giant February 21st event, click HERE.

    Just added:


    February 21st will see the return of a familiar face...with a brand new attitude. Recently, Mike Posey rechristened himself "P DOG" and embraced his love of hip hop, changing up his game after years as a no nonsense member of "Alabama Attitude." We saw P Dog's more aggressive side show up during 2014's TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT. Now he takes on one of the most respected veterans in ROH, Caprice Coleman. Coleman's years of experience have no doubt taught him the benefits of studying your opponents carefully. But with this new attitude, P Dog presents an unpredictable element that could throw Caprice off his game!


    One of the most talked about young talents on the scene, Jonathan Gresham is always in high demand from ROH fans. Unfortunately, his busy international schedule frequently takes him out of the country where he thrills crowds in Europe much of the year. But this weekend, he's going to be right here in Atlanta - in an ROH ring! And he's taking on another young athlete who always impresses: Corey Hollis. This will be a battle between two amazingly talented wrestlers looking to make the biggest impression of their careers in front of a Ring of Honor crowd!



    The war between the Kingdom and the Briscoe Brothers has raged into 2015 with an escalation of aggression and an increase in ferocity. In Dearborn, MI, after another brawl with the Kingdom, ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe made a challenge to matchmaker Nigel McGuinness. Come up with a match to settle it once and for all between him and his brother and Michael Bennett and Matt Taven. In his plea to McGuinness, Briscoe talked about “end times” and “Armageddon”, the ultimate conflict between good and evil.

    On February 21st, in Atlanta, GA, at the North Atlanta Trade Center, you will see “TAG TEAM ARMAGEDDON” between the Briscoe Brothers and the Kingdom’s Michael Bennett and Matt Taven with Maria Kanellis. McGuinness says that he is reticent to sanction what promises to be a violent encounter. However, it must end and Atlanta has been chosen to host this last battle.

    Here are the rules of TAG TEAM ARMAGEDDON, a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match.

    First Fall – Regular Tag Team rules apply.
    Second Fall – Tables Match. The first team to put one member of the opposing team through a table will win the fall.
    Third and Final Fall – Falls Count Anywhere. A pin fall or submission can happen anywhere!

    More importantly, this will be the last time these two teams will be signed to face one another, so it must be settled in Atlanta on February 21st. With so much at stake, one can only imagine to what lengths each team will go to end this feud once and for all.


    Just one week before they challenge for the ROH World Championship, Hanson, Tommaso Ciampa, and Michael Elgin will all battle in the same ring! But joining them will be three other ROH stars, upping the stakes even higher. On a recent episode of ROH TV, Elgin, Hanson, and Ciampa faced each other in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender to Jay Briscoe's championship. That match had to be thrown out when it devolved into total chaos! "Chaos" remains the name of the game concerning the World Championship, and now Atlanta adds three more hungry athletes into Elgin/Hanson/Ciampa turmoil.

    But with these three challengers so wholly focused on each other, could that leave them vulnerable to their other opponents in this Six Mayhem Match on February 21st? Cedric Alexander and Jimmy Jacobs are both looking for a big win to push them into title match consideration. And what better way to grab the attention of ROH officials than pulling out a victory in a huge match like this Six Man Mayhem? Plus, ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal will also compete - and he's been virtually unstoppable in recent months. All of these clashing styles and motivations are set to collide in Atlanta in a trademark ROH Six Man Mayhem Match!


    In a first time ever match-up. Ring of Honor fans will see “The Phenomenal AJ Styles take on one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon - Bobby Fish. AJ Styles stated back in August at All Star Extravaganza 6 that the one thing that has escaped him in his run to be the greatest in history was the ROH World Championship. A win over his highly decorated opponent could be the best start to this mission in 2015. Styles has competed against pretty much every major name in ROH, but Fish will provide a unique style and definitive mind game element that Styles has never seen.

    Fish is currently one half of what is without question the best tag team in the world, reDRagon. He is the current ROH Tag Team Champions with Kyle O’Reilly. 2014 saw Fish & O’Reilly break through as an elite unit. No unit that wrestles at the level that they do is done so without being elite individual wrestlers. Fish is brash, he is cocky and he is confident that a win over AJ Styles could vault him to the elite level of singles competition. As master gamesman he must be prepared for one of the greatest in-ring stars of our generation in Styles.


    You will want to be in Atlanta on February 21st to see two of the very best in professional wrestling collide as “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong has signed on to face one-half of the current ROH World Tag Team Champions, Kyle O’Reilly!
    For Roderick Strong, being the first Triple Crown Champion in ROH history isn’t enough. His desire to continuously prove that he is the very best burns stronger every day. He is not satisfied with just living off his laurels and wants nothing but the best competition Ring of Honor can provide. Off to a hot start in 2015, Strong is gaining momentum with his eyes clearly set on regaining gold in Ring of Honor.

    As one half of reDRagon, Kyle O’Reilly had a break out year in 2014. In the process of winning titles, he has faced and defeated some of the very best in the world. He has been labeled as smarmy, arrogant and antagonistic and while all those labels fit, what can’t be overlook is the fact that Kyle O’Reilly is at the top of his game right now. Can O’Reilly bring Strong’s momentum to a halt or can “Mr ROH” score a win over one of Ring of Honor's best?


    As the fans in Dayton, OH stood on their feet applauding the just-concluded main event match between the Briscoe Brothers and the team of Matt Sydal and ACH on the “Winter Warriors” tour, Moose made his move. The former NFL offensive lineman had paced the aisle throughout the match just watching and waiting but the time was right to send a message.

    Moose stood nose-to-nose with ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe before dispatching Matt Sydal and crushing Mark Briscoe. Moose was here to make a statement. But ACH would make a statement of his own as he flew from the top rope, sending Moose back out to the arena floor. Moose never left his feet and was anxious to get at ACH but manager Stokely Hathaway pulled the 6’5”, 295 pounder away from the ring.

    ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness quickly went into action and signed another huge match for Saturday February 21st at the North Atlanta Trade Center as the former Atlanta Falcon, Moose, faces ACH for the first time. Moose has yet to taste defeat in ROH and ACH has proven time and time again that he steps up to all challenges thrown his way. How can ACH overcome the size disadvantage? What will Moose do to ground his high-flying opponent? PLUS we just confirmed earlier in the week that Moose will have his former teammate JOHN ABRAHAM there to support him!


    One of the longest rivalries in professional wrestling will write its next chapter on February 21st when the ROH WINTER WARRIORS TOUR stops in Atlanta! They have been friends and they have been enemies: MATT SYDAL & DELIRIOUS!

    Matt Sydal and Delirious debuted on the same Ring of Honor event on April 23, 2004 when they actually wrestled each other! ROH would see these two athletes develop a heated rivalry over time. They traded wins and faced each other in the finals of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST 2006. Their familiarity with each other, however, goes back to the very roots of their respective professional wrestling careers.

    While we may not know much about his younger days on The Edge of Sanity, we do that Delirious spent the beginnings of his wrestling career training and traveling alongside Matt Sydal. They honed their skills and styles side by side and night after night. The early days of a wrestler's career are trying and arduous times where one has to gut it out and persevere purely for the love of the sport.

    They may not look or sound very similar but Delirious and Matt Sydal are born out of an identical and relentless passion for professional wrestling. It has elevated both of them into globally accomplished superstars. At first it seemed as though circumstances might prevent them from ever facing each other in a ring again. But no longer. On February 21st, Delirious vs. Sydal explodes one more time right here LIVE in an ROH ring!

    There will also be an autograph prior to the start of the event this Saturday night. Scheduled to sign

    - “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles
    - ROH World Tag Team Champions redrawn (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly)
    - #Reborn Matt Sydal

    Pricing is the following
    AJ Styles & $20

    To get your tickets to this stop on the WINTER WARRIORS TOUR, click HERE!

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Saturday, February 21st, 2015
    North Atlanta Trade Center
    1700 Jeurgens Court
    Norcross, Georgia 30093

    Doors open 6:30pm / 7:30pm Bell Time

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