The Wolf of Wall Street

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  2. Scorsese. Plus. DiCaprio.

    how are you girls not hyphee?
  3. Because the trailer wasn't all that great. Nice names, but that trailer didn't convince me it was worth watching.

  4. lol, to each his own. I think it looks amazing.
  5. Somebody better call Gordon Gecko and tell him to pack his bags.
  6. I'll watch for the monkey.
  7. Scorsese and DiCaprio aren't entirely reliable. Shutter Island and Gangs of New York weren't so great. This movie here...I don't know, the trailer seems a little shallow. It'll be worth watching, sure, but I doubt it'll be anything amazing. Hard to get excited because it feels like a waste of Scorsese.

  8. gtfo
  9. DiCaprio in a comedy? Looks intriguing,I probably won't be seeing it upon it's release but I'll definitely watch it before it comes out on DVD.
  10. The only great Scorsese/DiCaprio collaboration was The Departed. The others were good, but....:pity1:
  11. Shutter Island was incredible!

  12. I wouldn't really expect a chick to enjoy Gangs of New York anyway.

    let me guess, you are one of those hipsters who had Shutter Island 'all figured out' just from a 3 second clip of the trailer, right :pity2:
  13. I never said they were bad movies, but you can't deny they're at the bottom of the Scorsese pile. Do you honestly think Shutter Island is in the same class as Taxi Driver or Raging Bull?

    Let me put it this way: rank all of Scorsese's films and tell me if Shutter Island isn't near the bottom. And since you mentioned it, I did have most of the movie "figured out" pretty early, but it's not because I'm a hipster, it's because I'm aware of of the cliches and narrative devices commonly employed in movies of that genre. Lack of originality = not so great movie. It was entertaining and all, but that's it.

    Gangs of New York was good, I'm not saying it wasn't, but frankly it wasn't up to Scorsese's standard. As a "chick" I can admit that much of the macho sentimentality was wasted on me, but sentimentality in all it's forms is poor storytelling. The movie suffered from taking itself too seriously. It sacrificed substance for style.

    All of Scorsese's movies are brilliant in a fanboy sense, but some are better than others. That's all I was saying. Scorsese's one of my all time favorite filmmakers, so I tend to be a little picky.
  14. 1.) King of Comedy
    2.) Mean Streets
    3.) Casino
    4.) Goodfellas
    5.) Taxi Driver
    6.) Cape Fear
    7.) Raging Bull

    I'll stop there, but yea, I can see your point as neither Shutter Island nor GONY would be near the top of my favorite MS flicks. Fair enough. Still great films though.
  15. The fact its so low is a testament to his career more than a justification for it being below great. I doubt anyone had the swerve solved before it was done, the pacing was phenomenal.
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  16. xoxo thank you baby girl

    People spout off "KNEW LEO WAS A PATIENT THE WHOLE TIME!" but there was more going on then that.
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