Kayfabe The Wolfman Cometh

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WWEF's Resident Hologram
The camera is scanning the crowd, the exodus logo over the titantron goes dark and replaced with a Wolf's Head as the theme comes on.

Some of the crowd recognize the wrestler that's been doing the indie circuit for a while as he walks out, walking to beginning of the ramp and looking around. Taking in his moment before he walks to the ring, giving some high fives to the people on the side before rolling into the ring and walks across, being handed a microphone.

"Well Holy shit...."

There's a moderate pop and some of the crowd starts chanting 'Holy shit, Holy shit'

"I've put my body, my career, heck my life on the line countless times.... But man.."

He takes a look around leaning against the ropes.

"It was worth it. For this moment. It was all worth it!"

He walks to the middle of the ring;

"This ring isn't like any other I've been in and I know I need to earn my stripes. I've done it acoss the world and I don't mind doing it again. In fact, I relish the opportunity. Because this... this is my opportunity to get to the level I've always deserved to be in.... The pinnacle of sports entertainment, and now. My Home - Exodus."
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