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    The show returns after a commercial break and the ring setup has now changed to include a couple of bar stools and a bar counter with a pyramid made of beer cans.

    Gareth Wolf is standing in the ring with a jacket that has Big Bad Wolf written across the back.

    "EX-OH-DUSSSS!" He screams "Welcome to the first EVER Wolf's Den." He walks around the ring hyping the crowd before climbing the turnbuckle facing the crowd.

    "This is the show to end all other shows, this is what Exodus has been missing. This is what you've all been wanting without even knowing about wanting it! This is the show of hard hitting questions and even stronger beers! In this Den, no one leaves sober!"

    The crowd pops at the mention of beer and not being sober.

    "I knew you would love that, and you're gonna love my first guest! He's got gold around his waist and points to the skies every chance he gets and this week he faces a strong opposition in Todd McKay, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, creeps and perverts - Put your hands together for your Intercontinental Champion - Ellis Klein!"

    He points to the ramp with both arms.

    OOC: No matches for the next couple of weeks as my net is capped but no reason I can't have some fun with you all anyways :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: @Ellis Sullivan You're up!

  2. Ellis Klein makes his way onto the stage, smoke rises from under the stage. Ellis taps his belt before getting on one knee and pointing to the sky. He points to the belt as he walks down the ramp, the crowd roar with applause for Ellis, he climbs the top turnbuckle and points to the sky again. Ellis places the title on his shoulder, he sits down on a chair that is in the ring, Gareth Wolf passes him a mic.

    Thank you, thank you. The pleasure is all mine Gareth, thanks for having me! As the first guest I suppose I'd better introduce myself just in case some people have been living under a rock for the past few months.
    My names Ellis Klein, I grew up in a small county called Hertfordshire in England, fighting is my life, it's what I do, I was never any good at school, I was different, everyone knuckled down and worried about their exams and their grades but I didn't, I only had one goal, and that was winning this
    *Ellis points to the Intercontinental belt on his shoulder* the thought of achieving this kept me in the gym for an extra hour, it got my up when I was aching, I drove me on and now I'm here, in Exodus, with the Intercontinental fucking championship!

    Ellis stands up from his chair and raises his title in the air, the crowd explode with cheers, he places it back on his shoulder and sits back down.

    So, I've heard this is where you ask me questions, what you got for me Gareth?
  3. Gareth looks around the arena and joins the spectators with their applaus.
    "Ellis, I get that and it is a damn special title. It's given me most of my favourite matches to watch over the years and there alone lies its curse. It's got some great legends that held the title, here's my question straight up"

    He looks straight at the belt, pointing at it.

    "It is one hell of a title and you won it fair and square. But what are you gonna bring to this title that will make you a memorable champion and not just a statistic. You're the champion, you won it, you have the gold to show it - Now what? How are you gonna take it to bigger heights?"

  4. Gareth, my first 5 star match came with Chris Young, but in that match I lost and he won, my most recent 5 star match was again against Chris Young, we went to war with each other, and in the end I was victorious. Chris and I made the championship ten times more valuable when we fought, we were willing to die for that title and I hope the crowd understood that. But how am I going to take it to new hights? Simple, one word, fight. That's what I do, I fight and I fight well. I was born to fight, to make myself I great I need to fight, I need to put on a show each and every night I step into this very ring, and so far I'm achieving that, I'm not just another Intercontinental Champion, I am THE Intercontinental Champion!
  5. Wolf nods along

    "Well said again, not a bad thing to aim to to have 5 star matches every single night, a lot harder to achieve but your body of work can speak to that, they..."

    He says looking at the audience and gesturing toward them "Can speak to it more than anything else..."

    The crowd pops and Gareth sits on a bar stool and brings the mic up and continues to talk.

    "You spoke of Chris, since that rivalry is put to rest, who do you see as the biggest threat to your title.... Who's your next rival? Or is that a slot that the guys back at the locker room can go for now?"

    "Other than the six feet of gloriousness that's standing in front of you ofcourse" He says with a chuckle.
  6. Everyone's a threat, nobody on this whole damn roster isn't good enough, that's why this is the best professional wrestling show on the planet!

    The crowd cheer at Ellis' comment

    Look, I don't look to rival anyone, I wasn't out to get Chris, he was out to get me. He tried to end me, he beat me with a kendo stick, he kicked me in the face, but like I say every time I come out, I was *The crowd join in with Ellis* RESILIENT, UNSTOPPABLE, VICTORIOUS! So unless someone wants MY belt, I'm happy with where I'm at right now Gareth, unless you want to go one on one with the great one.

    Ellis smirks at Gareth, Ellis and Gareth then both laugh together.
  7. Gareth grins and opens up a couple of beers and passes one to Ellis.

    "Oh I'll be coming after that title... but not yet" he grins and raises Ellis' hand "Your Intercontinental Champion and first guest of Wolf's Den - Ellis Klein!"

    The crowd pop as the two of them toast their beers.

    Thanks @Ellis Sullivan and if anyone wants to do a wolf's den, just let me know! Gonna be doing them every week I am not competing or atleast once every couple of weeks!