The Wolverine

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  1. Has anybody else seen this yet?

    I went a couple of nights ago and without posting any spoilers, it was really enjoyable for me. A nice change from the standard light Marvel movie and not as dark as the seemingly standard DC movies these days. It sat somewhere in the middle of the two.

    Also, if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you stay for the mid-credit scene.
  2. I haven't but I want to. I heard it's not like the typical superhero film. What would you give it /10?

    Also, Marvel gives you a mid-credit scene every movie :obama:

  3. I'd pitch it around 8.5. That might have something to do with my severe disliking of ninjas though. It's great to see something that isn't based on the destruction of a random American city.

    I know, I watch every single one! I was just shocked at the 95% of people that left the cinema without waiting for it. I figured everybody would know to stay by now!
  4. I always find it amusing when they leave lmfao. I'll def have to check it out, thanks for the input.
  5. No worries :bitw:
  6. Not being a fan of almost OP Super heroes I tend to avoid anything Wolverine/Superman related. I haven't heard much good about it.

  7. It's definitely better than the last Wolverine movie and way better than the new Superman. There was way too much wrong with that one to start on right now!
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