The Wolves Tie Tag Title Series; Match 4 To Decide Champions!

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 18, 2014.

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    The Wolves had their backs against the wall going into No Surrender, last night. In a series for their Tag Team Championships, The Wolves were down and nearly out. Team 3D and The Hardys each had a win on the board and only needed one more to take the Tag Titles from the reigning champs. Against all odds, in one of the most incredible matches you'll see this year, The Wolves rose to the occasion! In a match with one insane moment after the next, it was Eddie Edwards who ascended the ladder and took down the Tag Team Championships to the wild ovations of a sold out NYC crowd!

    Now, the Tag Title Series is all even up!

    There will be a fourth match in this epic series and it will be winner take all! Last night, after No Surrender went off the air, TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle took to Twitter to announce that the final match of this incredible series will take place at the IMPACT tapings on Friday night (Sept 19) in Bethlehem, PA. The match will be a Full Metal Mayhem match and will be a fitting end to one of the most entertaining stories in professional wrestling this year! Who will prevail with the Tag Team Championships?

    Whoever it is can likely also call themselves the greatest tag team in wrestling today!


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