The Women of Honor are back in full effect

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. From The Desk of Veda Scott, Esq.
    I pride myself on always, ALWAYS having a plan. Plans A through Q, at the very least, with a few next best case scenarios in reserve. So when I started hearing rumblings that ROH was bringing back the Women of Honor, naturally I headed to my office (the first step to any good plan is a Well-Organized Chart-Making Location) and started formulating my own goals and strategies.

    I won't be sharing the full extent of my findings here in this blog (the second step to a good plan is Shhhh, It's A Secret), obviously. However, I felt it imperative that I properly put the world "on notice" re: the Women of Honor. Right now, this very second, the female athletes in professional wrestling are more talented and more driven than ever before. The return of the Women of Honor was an inevitability. Ring of Honor promises to deliver the best professional wrestling on the planet - period. The Women of Honor have made it our mission to deliver on that promise of excellence.

    Recently in Lockport, NY, I had the privilege of stepping into the ring with an international veteran in Sumie Sakai. Obviously, the end result was a foregone conclusion, but (I very humbly submit) the fight between us truly established that the Women of Honor are back in full effect. I plan to be back in that ring as soon as possible, be it against Sumie Sakai or any of the other athletes joining our quickly growing roster.

    Personally, I am most looking forward to seeing who seizes the opportunity to compete among the Women of Honor. Some of us, like myself and Taeler Hendrix, are already familiar to ROH fans for our affiliations with athletes like Cedric Alexander and the House of Truth. But make no mistake - I know for a fact that Cedric and I share the exact same goals for my in-ring career as for his. The Women of Honor gives us yet another avenue to rise to the top of ROH.

    Speaking of affiliations within ROH, perhaps the most intriguing development coming out of last weekend has to be the appearance of "Kelly Klein" alongside The Decade's BJ Whitmer. Whitmer has introduced Klein as a woman who might be unfamiliar to ROH fans right now, but who has been clawing and scraping her way through professional wrestling while other allegedly less-deserving athletes were handed opportunities. In other words, it appears the ethos of The Decade is not restricted to male competitors.

    Who will be the next athlete to step up and join the Women of Honor? I know I personally have some ideas for who I want to challenge in an ROH ring. My vision for the Women of Honor reflects the diversity of styles and techniques that makes ROH the best professional wrestling on the planet. It's true that we Women of Honor may have very divergent personalities and strategies. But in the end, ambition and motivation are so much more than a hashtag or an inspirational quote on your social media. The Women of Honor will prove that athletes who make their mark in ROH - male or female - are the hardest working and most passionate in the entire sport. - VS

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