The Women of Honor are coming to Nashville

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  1. Fri, November 20th, 2015 - The Fairgrounds Nashville
    The WOMEN OF HONOR are coming to Nashville! Ring of Honor's November 20th television taping will feature the Women of Honor in a BIG way, with two matches featuring the female athletes of ROH! The ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE will witness the latest chapter in an old rivalry...with a new twist:


    Get ready, Nashville - ODB returns to ROH! She is one of the most unique, charismatic athletes in all of professional wrestling and her return in Nashville is going to blow the roof off the Fairgrounds! ODB has been traveling the country in her Airstream trailer, meeting fans all over America! But now that the WOMEN OF HONOR are back in ROH, she's ready to get down and dirty with any competitor who steps up.

    However, you can't talk about ODB without discussing her bitter rivalry with Truth Martini and the House of Truth! ODB has done anything and everything to get her hands on the dastardly Martini, and the HOT always manages to bend the rules in their favor. But recent developments have added a whole new element to this combustible mix: the "Poison Princess" herself, TAELER HENDRIX!

    Hendrix slinks around ringside, scheming with Martini and scouting Jay Lethal's opponents. As effective as she can be outside of the ring, Hendrix is an accomplished professional wrestler in her own right. She has been awaiting the perfect opportunity to make her mark in the WOMEN OF HONOR division. Now in Nashville on November 20th, she takes on ODB!

    This is ODB's chance to square off one-on-one against the newest member of the House of Truth, and she has a whole lot of animosity fueling the fight! On the other hand, Hendrix will no doubt have Martini in her ear, imparting invaluable wisdom on her opponent's strengths and weaknesses, facts he knows all too well. You won't want to miss the return of ODB and the rise of Taeler Hendrix on the ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE!

    This WOMEN OF HONOR contest is part of our massive return to Nashville on November 20th! You can be there live and in person on the ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE. To get your tickets to this television taping event, click HERE!

    Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents
    Friday, November 20th, 2015
    The Fairgrounds Nashville
    625 Smith Avenue - Nashville, TN 37203
    7:30 PM CST bell time

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