Battleground The Women's Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. Becky Lynch

  2. Charlotte

  3. Lana

  4. Natalya

  5. Tamina

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  1. #1 Grievous II, Jul 13, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017

    So Battleground approaches and once again the blue brand is having a multi woman
    match to determine who will get a title shot at Summerslam for the SmackDown women's

    Now...first of Naomi defending the title at Battleground? It seems that
    Carmella doesn't have any plans as of I guess they could book that match.

    Second of all...Summerslam is in Brooklyn this year and that means that Carmella
    is possibly/probably going to be cashing in her Money in the Bank contract in her "hometown"
    for a huge pop/moment (And we all know how much Mr. McMahon loves his "moments")

    So I will now go through all five ladies and analyze just why they may...or may not
    be going to Summerslam...and to be fair I'll be doing it in alphabetical order. I'm not
    playing favorites...even though everyone knows who my favorite is.


    Naomi vs. Becky Lynch
    Now I'm sure Naomi vs. Becky Lynch would be a fantastic match and it would make Naomi
    more of a credible champion if she scored a clean win over the Irish Lass Kicker...and hell...
    I'd be over the moon if Becky actually won the title for a second time.


    As over as Naomi is at the moment...I doubt they'll put her in a match against Becky because
    come on...everyone loves Becky and a face vs. face match will no doubt divide/confuse the crowd.

    So in the end while the match would be great...the other elements needed for a traditional title
    match aren't in place.


    Naomi vs. Charlotte
    This in my mind is the "Money Match" and the most likely for the Summerslam card.
    These two ladies had a couple of solid matches when Charlotte first arrived on the
    blue brand and thanks to the Welcome Committee (THAT IS A SHIT NAME!) they have
    unfinished business.

    I can't see the WWE leaving Charlotte out of a title match at Summerslam and even
    Naomi has stated she wants to fight Charlotte again.


    Charlotte had an amazing 2016 and perhaps the WWE creative team has decided that
    its time for some of the other fine ladies of the WWE to take the the spotlight and
    center stage at Summerslam.

    So in the end...this seems like the most likely outcome...but it isn't a guarantee.


    Naomi vs. Lana just saw this match three times and two of them were squash matches.
    No disrespect to Lana because I appreciate her for becoming an active member of the
    women's more title matches. more title matches for Lana.


    Naomi vs. Natalya
    Now automatically this match would make more sense from a booking point of view. Two
    experienced and underrated performers, one a face and one a heel, being given a chance
    to excel and entertain on the second biggest stage in the WWE calendar year.

    In my opinion Natalya is deserving of a run as women's champion and I honestly believe
    she is the most underrated female wrestle on the roster. Her technical skills are second
    to none in the entire division and her in-ring style is somewhat the opposite of Naomi's.


    As the WWE has shown in the past...they may not consider Natalya as Champion material...
    which is of course total bullshit. Plus would a Naomi/Natalya match really get the crowd

    So in the end...I guess it depends if the WWE is finally going to give Natalya a chance.


    Naomi vs. Tamina
    Now this is the wild card match and it does appear the SmackDown creative team are building
    some momentum for Tamina. She has recently pinned both Naomi & Charlotte in tag team matches
    (both thanks to Lana) and it seems that Tamina & Lana are being paired up together with Lana
    possibly playing a similar role that she did as Rusev's valet.

    It is worth noting that Tamina is the oldest member of the women's division (she's 39) and
    if the WWE is going to give her a push/title would make sense for them to do it sooner
    rather than later.


    There is also some history between Naomi & Tamina which would provide some extra "layers"
    for a big match build.


    Much like Natalya...would the WWE really give Tamina a big Summerslam title match and
    possibly a title run?

    So in the end...Tamina is being built up for something...but is it a Summerslam title match or
    a simple feud with Charlotte?


    Also on a side note...with Carmella not being involved in this match it means that useless
    waste of skin James Ellsworth won't around to ruin this match...unlike the 2 Money In The
    Bank Ladder Matches which in my opinion were greatly degraded by his interference.

    So...who do you think will win at Battleground? Which match would you most like to see?
    and do you think Carmella will cash in and claim the title at Summerslam?

    Leave your thoughts, comments and opinions below and as always...I'll see you around the traps.
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  2. I'd love it if Becky won, but I feel it's gonna be either Natalya or Tamina. It's fine by me as long as Naomi retains the title at SummerSlam.
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  3. If I'm booking it, I'm either going one or two ways...
    -Natalya wins, in the same finish as the NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way. Becky has Lana in the Disarmer (not making the pun), Lana won't tap so Becky kayfabe breaks her arm, Nattie pulls Becky off and chucks her to the side to steal the pin

    -Becky, insensed by the Carmellsworth nonsense, gets a distraction from La Luchadora or somebody, beats Charlotte with a chair and pins her as a new angry heel

    okay edit just now saw "elimination match" disregard this... also saw "wwe smackdown" so uhhhhh charlottewinslol
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  4. #4 Grievous II, Jul 14, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
    I don't know isn't 2016 anymore...and frankly because of the booking...
    Charlotte isn't really looking that dominant or strong at the moment.

    The entire division (apart from Lana) seems to be at the same level
    at this time...what with Tamina pinning Charlotte recently and Carmella
    currently carrying the briefcase.

    Traditional booking sense says Natalya or Tamina are going to win...
    Becky or Charlotte would provide a bigger, marquee match for SummerSlam.

    Of course there is an option I didn't consider when making this thread...and
    its possible that the match at Battleground will break down into chaos which
    will lead to Naomi's Summerslam title defense being in another multi women

    The rumor is the RAW women's title will be defended in a Fatal 4
    its possible that we will get a repeat of the same Wrestlemania booking with
    a 6 woman match for the SmackDown women's title.

    Of course no matter who wins at would have to believe
    that Carmella will cash in after whatever match they have.
  5. And there is also a rumor circulating that Nikki Bella will be returning at Summerslam...
    so that multi women match for the SmackDown Women's title could be happening.


    And now with Charlotte as a face...we can't have Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella either...
  6. Still rooting for Charlotte.
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  7. I'm rooting for Becky Lynch. But, Charlotte winning would also be a good way of selling the women's match at SummerSlam.

    With that said, Natalya's probably going to win and they'll put it on the pre-show.
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  8. Nattie was the favorite until a couple hours ago.
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  9. Sounds like something I'd do...hehe...

    Either Becky of Charlotte and I'd be smiling...and either one would
    finally give Naomi a decent challenge at Summerslam.

    No way...not with the chance of Carmella cashing in...which will
    most likely happen at Summerslam.

    The Summerslam match may end up like the Wrestlemania 31
    main event. Naomi vs. Charlotte with Carmella turning it into
    a triple threat like Rollins did. She hits a super kick on one of
    them and locks the code of silence on the other. It basically writes

    I wouldn't mind Nattie winning...and that could lead to another
    way Carmella cashes in. Natalya dominates Naomi for 10-15
    minutes but Naomi gets the win with a roll up.

    Nattie locks Naomi in the sharpshooter after the match in
    anger...only for Carmella to emerge and cash in on Naomi
    in less than a minute.

    Of course in my opinion the best booking opinion would be
    to have Carmella hold onto the briefcase until Wrestlemania
    34 and cash in on whoever is champion then.

    Just my opinion.
  10. Well... Natalya won last night. lol
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  11. Then simply swap Natalya's name in for Charlotte then...

    Pretty simple really...

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