The working out/fitness thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2014.

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  1. Think we had one of these before but cannot be arsed to dig it out of the abyss.

    I know we have a couple of fitness enthusiasts on this forum. So this can be a good way to trade gym tips and exercises. You can even use it as a work out log if you want to.

    Did a back, shoulders and triceps session today for 50 minutes during my lunch. Did kettlebell presses combined with squats that really killed me towards the end. Well worth the rush though. working to kill off the last of my gut. My goal is to be down at about 87 kilo (93 now).
  2. I go the gym 3 times a week. as you can probably tell, i look like i could kick the shit out of ya.

    dont worry so much about fruity abs or lack of stomach, just concentrate on bulding yourself.
  3. when i go the clubs the bouncers know they are in for a rough time if they miss with me, people stare when i walk in. the women want a piece of me, and the lads dont wanna mess with me

    dont worry about a gut
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  4. I know you are being 100% serious. Them lads got nothing on you. Go get um tiger.
  5. just giving you lot some advice

    forget fruity abs and shit, go for a rugged "i can beat the shiny shit out of you" look. works for me, no one wants to mess with me
  6. If you think I work out for "look" you got it wrong. I work out for health. I set goals for myself that I want to achieve with my working out to improve my quality of health. And getting rid of excess fat will do that.

    I don't need to look tough to avoid fights. I talk my way out of them.
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  7. just think the best look for a lad is to look like a hardnut. when i walk into the room you notice me, i carry myself as a right hard lad with my big build.

    people obviously think i look good, including da pussy
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  8. From the pics I've seen of you you don't look particularly big or hard. You look like an average person that works out 2-3 days a week.

    No offense. But a "hard" person is someone who has mass, be it muscle or just plain size.
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  9. Too alpha, wanna brag about yourself anymore? Every post is the same and still no one gives a shit.
  10. i am 6ft 4 and 17 stone lad

    average looking? dont make me laugh
  11. just tryng to help you lads get out of your own way

    who cares if you have a gut, it is not what you are judged on
  12. The pics of you make you seem much smaller.

    I was guessing 6ft1 and around the 80-90kg range from your pics.
  13. nah lad. big and well built is my game.

    the pussy like a proper bloke, not some skinny pretty boy. a bit of a gut is a good thing
  14. Since when is a "gut" a good thing? If a dude looks pregnant, that is not attractive.
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  15. I have still yet to see you post anything about any fitness tips or what you eat/what excersizes you do. You just came in here to brag about the fact you go to the gym three times a week and pull ladies.

    I feel bad for Stopspot because what could have been a legitmate fitness thread has been ruined by an obvious gimmick account and if not well, I'm actually surprised that you really behave this way.
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  16. i said a bit of a gut.

    abs are fruity lads
    fair enough lad here is some tips

    - be partial to the odd pint

    - work the weights

    simple lads
  17. diet

    just eat whatever comes your way. size is power
  18. why do you have to mention vagina in every post you make? Seems a bit weird.

    And to elaborate on my work out philosophy/why I work out just so we are on the same page: I grew up in an athletic household, playing lots and lots of sports. So as a kid and teen I was in good shape. Then in university I slobbed it up and gained a lot of weight (I was 100kg, possibly even over at times) and I can honestly say. I myself feel a lot better as a person and healthwise when working out and staying in shape.

    The endorfin rush from a good workout is one of the best feelings on the planet. Plus by working out I am preventing an hereditary shoulder syndrome I most likely have. My mom, both her sisters and my maternal grandfather suffer from their muscles in the shoulders being connected wrong to the bone. So they suffer from shoulder pains and neck pains because of that. By working out I can prevent that.

    Also I intend to pick up a martial art again come the fall.
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  19. Abs are fruity lads? also I don't think "be partial to the odd pint" is a very good tip for fitness. Infact i'm pretty sure that's not good for you, you'd want to drink a juice formula or a healthy drink to promote body development.

    Since I don't work out, I'm not too knolwedgeable about the subject, but "work the weights" doesn't seem like a fantastic answer either. How much weight, how many reps, etc?
  20. Abs aren't fruity, the only time they are fruity is when they are used purely to show off.
    And I consider a gut to be your stomach hanging over your pants line when standing.

    Proportion is more important then size though. You can had a belly but if you have the big legs, shoulders, it don't look bad.