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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, Jul 27, 2014.

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  1. I've had this idea in my head for quite a while and I think I've got something that I can actually share. Now, I had this written out in June, literally a week or two before the releases happened. So my rosters suffered as a result (Vickie, Teddy, Drew, Jinder, Brodus, Hawkins etc). So I'd say look at this as an idea/concept opposed to something they could do right now.

    Let me know what you guys think and feel free to add your own thoughts/ideas towards this master plan.




    WWE Champion: Brock Lensar
    Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins
    Divas Champion: Paige
    World Tag-Team Champions: The Ascension


    World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus
    European Champion: Bad News Barrett
    WWE Tag-Team Champion: The Usos
    Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio


    January: Royal Rumble (RAW & Smackdown)
    February: No Way Out (Smackdown)
    March: Wrestlemania (RAW & Smackdown)
    April: Backlash (RAW)
    May: Off Season
    June: Extreme Rules (Smackdown)
    July: Vengeance (RAW)
    August: Summerslam (RAW & Smackdown)
    September: Unforgiven (Smackdown)
    October: Off Season
    November: Night of Champions (RAW & Smackdown)
    December: TLC (RAW)


    - Divas Championship is shared between both shows, only the Champion is allowed to appear on both shows and will be defended on every PPV.

    - Cruiserweight Division weight limit is 220.

    - Cruiserweights Main Event one Smackdown PPV per year

    - May & October are both Off-seasons

    - Extreme Rules and TLC are both given TV14 ratings (Because violence)

    Of course, Brock, Kurt and Sting would need to actually work their weekly more often than they actually would. Kurt also has to sign with WWE, Austin has to sign a talent deal and so does Hogan. Also, the roster is pretty thin as well, so tag-teams were tough to come up with. Having one set of titles shared between the shows would probably be best.

    So, there are holes, but the main part of this would be the PPV sched and the rules.

    Let me know what you think! (Original notes)
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  2. It sounds like a wrestling fan wrote it up, sorry if that answer is too simplistic.
    To me, it sounds as if you had a vision/fantasy, cleaned it up a bit and presented this.
    I'm not saying its bad, just that too many things have to swing your way for this to happen.

    On a side note, Reigns, Angle and Hogan wouldn't work Smackdown
    Sting has less than one singles match in him
    I doubt Heyman would work Smackdown either, let alone separate from Brock
    I'm iffy on Barrett working SD since he was just IC champion and AJ won't work SD since she's so over.

    Nice effort, though
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  3. I wouldn't split the roster at all right now, but if I were going to, the Raw roster you have going is pretty tight for the most part. There's a lot of excellent feuds we could get out of that roster - Bryan/Lesnar, Cena/Lesnar, Cena/Bryan, Orton/Wyatt, Orton/Lesnar, Orton/Ambrose, Orton/Rollins, Rollins/Ambrose, Ambrose/Wyatt, etc. However, I would set a rule that for some reason states that Brock Lesnar can shift back and forth between each show as he pleases. Not sure why the company (storyline wise) would make this type of exception exclusively for him, but just pretend it was no different than the arbitrary reason they allowed Steve Austin the power to choose between Raw and Smackdown back during the first-ever brand extension instead of just forcing him to be drafted with the rest of the herd. (Maybe Brock Lesnar is such a cash cow and asset to the company that rather than risk him walking out if he's not allowed to come and go on which show as he pleases, the two separate General Managers make a deal that allows him to show up on either brand whenever he feels like it. It also wouldn't be wise to split he and Heyman up from each other.) I also don't care to see Stone Cold as the Raw General Manager and in Sting's own words, he only has one more match left in him.

    The Smackdown singles roster, on the other hand, looks pretty thin and shitty imo. Reign vs Sheamus? Cesaro vs Sheamus? ADR vs Sheamus? These are the type of main event programs that we have to rely on carrying the Smackdown brand? Yikes. That's exactly why I'm against a brand split happening anytime soon, because no way will the two brands look equally strong with the way the roster is right now.
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  4. Nor will Smackdown ever be equal to RAW again. I'd like for that to be the case, for I enjoyed SD the few times efforts were made to balance the two programs.
    At times, I wonder how willing WWE would be to allow SD to fall through the cracks and be an online program.
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  5. Hah yeah that's why I said it was more of a concept over anything as MANY unlikely scenarios have to pan out.
  6. I'd say there are more match-ups you can have with the Smackdown side as the Cruiserweights aren't limited to just facing each other. However, you're right, because the current roster is lacking star power, my idea would have a tough time gaining traction. WWE does have NXT and those talents could easily come up to Smackdown, but that of course will need time, which is something WWE can't really afford right now.
  7. And I'll post what I just did elsewhere regarding something that looks completely retarded. (Big Shoes & Rowan)

    "Yeah, I was having a tough time coming up with tag-teams. The idea behind those two would be for the Wyatts to split and for his gimmick to undergo a change. Then Big Shoes would kind of take him under his wing and they would be built up as two giants that never have a match shorter than 2 mins. Until the obligatory challenge shows up and takes them for a ride."
  8. I can't knock you for trying. Wrestling isn't supposed to be real, that's why its great to participate in its evolution.
    For many years now, wrestling has been more stagnant than I'd like leading me to believe my opinion doesn't matter.
    I realize I'm only one voice, but when I'm watching I want to see what I want to see, no what somebody tells me what to see.

    Threads with activity are always good threads.
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  9. Yes, I strive to create quality over quantity. Most of the time, no one bats an eye, so getting responses to my work is great regardless of what it is. So, thanks!
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