The world shall soon burn

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    R-Truth Planning To Release Rap Album Featuring Collaborations With John Cena
    R-Truth has plans to release a rap album and is collaborating with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on it.

    Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the 41-year-old reveals, "I'm currently working on a WWE album made up of all my own songs. I have a wide range of artists I listen to—I can get something out of Pearl Jam! Talking about rap I'm into Tupac, Eminem, Lil Wayne and T.I. Those guys, to me, talk about their own personal experiences.

    "There's a lot of my life in the songs—I lost my sister to cancer around four months ago, there's a song on there about that. People who have gone through that, or are going through that situation will hopefully take something from it. A lot of my music is inspired by personal situations in my life."

    The Raw Superstar is very excited for fans to hear his collaborations with Cena, who released his own rap album in 2005.

    "John Cena just recorded two songs. They should be really great once they're done. I've always wanted to do this and I was talking to Hunter (Triple H) and he was like, 'I just can't believe you've not done this already.' I've been on and off with WWE about 10 years and I'm just at the point now where I think I've matured enough to put out something that's likable. Me, I like to go against the grain I don't like to talk about typical things in my music - my music is more about real life situations. About important things, having faith, pursuing your dreams and goals. My music is about drive," said R-Truth

    Why? Why God oh why? :cornette:
  2. Eh, idk. Maybe I'll like him better in rap than I do as a wrestler. Talking about Truth of course, Cena's an alright rapper.
  3. We shall see once the time comes. If the world does indeed burn due to this, it was nice knowin' you guys :please:
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  4. Oh I didn't realize what the topic of this thread was. Repeated it with my own thread. Sorry there Hoffmeister.
  5. The Hoff thanks you mods many times over
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