The World Title Series Continues…

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    After Impact this past week, The World Title Series is heating up and the pressure is certainly on to earn victories and 3 points in your group if you want to advance and move on to the Round of 16. Gail Kim made Group Knockouts even more unpredictable with a victory over Awesome Kong, now Gail is tied with Kong and Brooke with 3 points, leaving Madison Rayne to play catch up. Madison has that chance in her next match against Brooke.

    The TNA Originals will also see action this week as Bobby Roode, with 3 points, faces off against the deranged Eric Young, who sits at 0 points. Will that change after Wednesday? Or will Bobby Roode put the nail in the coffin of Eric Young’s Championship aspirations. Remember folks, these two were once like brothers and 2015 saw them nearly destroy one another. This match should be as physical as they come.

    It’s Bram, who surprisingly has 0 points, facing Rockstar Spud in Group UK and Drew Galloway seems to be running away with this group. Galloway has 6 points and Spud is right behind with 3. Can Bram get into the fight with a victory against Spud.

    It is the age-old question, in a tag team, who is the better man? We can answer that question Wednesday night when Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, the 5x TNA World Tag Team Champions meet one on one in Group Tag Team Specialists. It is a very important match for both men, as neither has earned a point in their group. At the end of the day, which Wolf will be victorious and earn 3 points?

    We will also see action from Group X Division and Group Wildcard in what will be a thrilling episode of Impact Wrestling This Wednesday night at 9PM EST.


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