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  1. *Ryan Blake is in the ring. He looks mad. He grabs his mic and begins to talk*

    Ryan Blake: He's gone. He's really gone. He isn't making any return or anything like that....He's gone and now we need to deal with what he left behind. He left last night and he left with our world title. He won't answer my calls or reply to my emails....He's done with wrestling and I'm happy. We don't need some dumb rich boy like Buster Gates as our champion. We have the best stars in the world who deserve to hold that title. We will have a true champion....One who won't walk out. And we will get this done for Money In The Bank! Next week we will have a match with the best stars in this business and the winner of this match will go on to Money In The Bank to fight.....Alice Xander for the true Undisputed World title! This has been a weird 24 hours but we can look forward to Money In The Bank which will be one of the biggest PPVs of the year. And Buster I know you're watching so I have a message for you.....You're fired.

    *Ryan Blake's music hits as he leaves the ring. The fans are in shock and can't believe Buster Gates is really gone*

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