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  1. LIVE ON PPV - SUN, DEC 7TH - 8E / 5P
    In Ring of Honor, FINAL BATTLE is the biggest night of the year! The biggest rivalries in the best professional wrestling on the planet come to a head on December 7th in New York City. This year, we are DEBUTING at Terminal 5 - and this event WILL sell out! If you want to be there live, you need to get your tickets today by clicking right HERE!

    FINAL BATTLE 2014 will be broadcast LIVE ON PPV! It will be available on all major cable and satellite providers. For a list of all pay-per-view providers for FINAL BATTLE on December 7th, click HERE!

    Each and every title in Ring of Honor will be defended at our Manhattan return! We already know the World Championship is on the line when JAY BRISCOE and ADAM COLE try to destroy each other once and for all in a FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR! Plus current IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions reDRagon put their ROH Tag Titles up for grabs against their newest rivals, Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA: THE TIME SPLITTERS! And today we can confirm who will challenge for the ROH World TV Title. It's another potential showstealing match fans have been waiting for...

    JAY LETHAL/Truth Martini vs. MATT SYDAL

    When Matt Sydal returned to Ring of Honor, it was after a injury stalled his career and put him on the sidelines for months. There were whispers and rumors that Sydal had lost a step. That he wouldn't be the athlete he once was. That he couldn't keep up with the "new" ROH. Well, all those doubt were blasted away with one Shooting Star Press, proving that Matt Sydal is REBORN and ready to take on absolutely anyone in Ring of Honor.

    But it's not just the fans who have had their eyes on Matt Sydal. Recently, it's clear someone else has been watching: Truth Martini. Never without his Book of Truth, Martini has evidenced himself a keen scout for talent. He is a manager of champions. Indeed, he is currently guiding ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal to unprecedented success in Ring of Honor.

    And - it seemed - Truth Martini had taken an interest in Matt Sydal. We'd seen this before, when Martini convinced Matt Taven to accept his managerial expertise. A few whispered words and Martini evidentially made Taven an offer he couldn't refuse. Suddenly, Matt Taven was TV Champion. He was a fixture in ROH. A star. There's proof in The House of Truth when it comes to success and prestige.
    But every Truth Martini offer comes with a price. He and his associates are not above resorting to the cheapest of tactics to stay on top. Would Matt Sydal be swayed in that direction to ensure his success after returning to ROH? Nobody knew for sure. However, it seems we got our answer on the latest episode of ROH TV.

    Right now on ROH TV, Jay Lethal defends his TV Title in an absolutely must-see rematch against ACH! And Matt Sydal stepped into the commentary booth. After this incredible match, Sydal stepped into the ring. He offered Truth Martini a handshake. Was this the confirmation that Sydal had been swayed toward The House of Truth?

    The answer to that is a very emphatic NO. Sydal pulled away and pointed at what he REALLY wants. Not The House of Truth...Matt Sydal wants the ROH Television Championship! But he's going to have to beat the man many point to as the most purely talented pro wrestler on the planet, Jay Lethal. And you better believe that Truth Martini doesn't take this rejection lightly either.

    Now it's confirmed for FINAL BATTLE 2014: JAY LETHAL VS. MATT SYDAL! Want to be there in person? You need to get your tickets today by clicking right HERE! If for some reason you can't be there live, that doesn't mean you have to miss our biggest night of the year! FINAL BATTLE will be broadcast LIVE on PPV! For a list of all pay-per-view providers for FINAL BATTLE on December 7th, click HERE!

    Sunday, Dec 7, 2014 07:30pm EST
    610 W 56th Street
    New York, New York 10019

    ROH World Championship
    Jay Briscoe (c) vs Survival of the Fittest ’14 Winner - Adam Cole

    ROH World Tag Team Championship
    reDRagon (c) vs The Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)

    Roderick Strong vs. Adam Page

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