The worst Cena has been in months?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 15, 2012.

  1. I've not seen him this bad in months... Lesnar/Rock really brought the best out of Cena. Proved to us all that he isn't just some idiot who is overpushed, but he's gone back to his crappy kid-pleasing ways. That promo was unbearable.
  2. loseeeeerrrrrrr
  3. I respectfully disagree, though he did push it a bit. I sensed a bit more hostility. Considering it, it shows he's human.
  4. The promo was clearly aimed at kids. We've not seen that John Cena in months, he's been cutting good promos ever since Rock turned up. I've never been one to cringe at a Cena promo even if the content was bad - because he can deliver a promo better than most, but the content and the delivery was unbearable for me last night. I don't see the logic in getting screwed by the man who can fire you at any point, but smiling and making jokes.
  5. I liked when he yelled "loooosssseeeeeerrrrrr" in his ear just because it brought images of Mr. Anderson to mind. Plus he was actually having fun out there, it was pretty cathartic after 1:50 of bullshit.

    Still they got 20 minutes of promo time, and could have accomplished what they did in 2.
    Why are Hawkins and Reks not on TV?
  6. Cause Stephanie McMahon is afraid of change
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  7. The promo was pretty bad, that's true. It should've been less childish and more intense.
  8. It should be a serious promo. His boss is intentionally screwing him. How's it funny?
  9. And him immediately making fun of Ace's voice after Big Show was fired was laughably inane.
  10. Exactly, I mean, one guy gets fired for it and the other one is not punished at all? Good old WWE logic. :haha:
  11. This. It's annoying as hell.
  12. If any of you had met John personally, you might think otherwise. Y2J adores being evil so much and I wonder why he can't be good for once. I haven't met Chris face to face, but its hard to ask somebody to be something they simply aren't
  13. There's a lot of Cena hate everywhere, including this site. But most of us agree that Cena's just going out there and doing what he's told. He may have some control over what he does, but we all know Vince and Stephanie have plenty of say as well, and that's the issue.

    It's not Cena (the man) causing any problems whatsoever, he's a great guy. It's Cena (the on-screen character) and how the character is written and what he goes out and does. It really hurts to complain about Cena as much as we do because of it.

    I almost wish he had a stage name. There are lots of CM Punk fans who aren't fans of Phil Brooks.
  14. Basically what Rainman said above me. But also. If John Cena cannot play evil he is a shitty actor and shouldn't be main eventing.
  15. Of course you can. Rock in real life is a hella' nice guy, his twitter is filled with inspirational tweets, replies to fans, he let a guy who broke into his private set while Rock was working, so he took a photo with him and a signed t-shirt lol. Rock is real nice, but he was able to be a great heel. Cena was a great heel just 6+ years ago.

    If you're good, you can do anything. Jericho was an amazing face and an amazing heel, why? Because he's damn good. Austin was too damn good as a face to ever get over as a heel, but he wasn't a bad heel.

    Cena doesn't even need to turn heel, he just needs to stfu about kiddy jokes or save it for something else. Edgy Cena is a much better Cena.
  16. Oh it was painful to watch. Cringeworthy and just overall pretty damn stupid.
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  17. I see you're a Rocky fan.
  18. The edgier Cena gets, the better. I don't like his character, so seeing him as the hero he is portrayed to be and also appealing to children is way too much.
  19. I'm not a Rocky fan no. Most people on here that know me know I rooted for Cena in his whole feud with Rock. But why would I be bias? Why would I lie? Rock is a hella' nice guy, as is Cena.
  20. Cena was acting way to wacky on Raw I think hes covering up all the grief over his divorce
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