The Worst people in the world

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  1. God enables them to hate fags with their love
  2. I'm convinced that raising your children religiously should be considered child abuse, its brain washing. Kids should grow up religion-free until they are old enough to decide for themselves what they think.
  3. Religion isn't the problem in this case so much as psychotic delusion, lol. If didn't they justify their beliefs with god, they'd justify them with something else. But yeah, religion is pretty stupid.
  4. You don't think religion is what is causing their psychotic delusion? Sure they might be crazy without the god excuse, but this gives them the excuse to spread their hate and bullshit under the cloak of freedom of religion.

    Children being brainwashed with this shit is seriously immoral. Obviously this is an extreme example of religion being terrible but even in general I think it is bullshit how religion preys on children because they know if they aren't sufficiently brain washed by a certain age they will start thinking for themselves and obviously religion hates free thinkers.
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  5. Well, yeah, I completely agree with you, but the problem is, religion is just the tool. God didn't invent religion, people invented god. So who do you blame, the tool or the people wielding it? The world would be a better place without religion, definitely, but that's never going to happen. It would be like a world without weapons, because that's all religion is to these people; just another club to bash people with. But yeah, I agree with you, lol.
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  6. Guiz come join the church of Hendrix. We smoke weed, grow fros and smash guitars.
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  7. True, true. Religion is the most powerful tool ever created. Without religion many (see: all) of the same issues would arise in today's world, but religion certainly enables and empowers them more than they would be otherwise. Bullshit is bullshit, but when your bullshit is backed by thousands of years of the same bullshit more people are willing to buy in to what you are selling.
  8. I can't grow a fro come on man. Maybe on my balls, but that's it.
  9. Close enough. As long as you can chill and not hate yo.
  10. I'm a world class chiller. I practice my technique all the time.
  12. 3:35:

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  13. I think religion is evil. It's a means for people to discriminate while hiding behind the "words" of their mighty "god." And hey, I (reluctantly) think it's acceptable for a person to be against homosexuality because that's what their religion teaches, but religion also teaches not to hate anyone. The idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church are a great example. They hate gay people and have no problem spreading the word, therefore they're nothing but a bunch of hypocrites because they're burning down the bridge on what the bible teaches about tolerating everyone. The people in the vid up top are doing the same thing.

    Bottom line is a person can be religious and hate homosexuals as much as they want. But they should expect me to call them out and ridicule them on their ludicrous bullshit. I will not agree with something I think is wrong. The world would certainly be better off without discrimination.
  14. The French.
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    Fans who take wrestling seriously
  16. Religion is all about interpretation. Anyone can take the same text and look at it a completely different way. The real problem, at least in my opinion, are those like the members of the Westboro Church who believe their way is the ONLY way. They're not interested in looking at things analytically but would rather pass judgments on those that don't believe as they do. Anyone can make justifications on things to suit them and religion is just one way to do that.
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  17. Fuck religion. If we believe in what the Bible says, we are all sinners which means we'll all go to hell. Bible says we can't kill, but we eat meat and vegetables, so we're killing living creatures which means we're sinners. I'm one of those who thinks this world is heaven so we should enjoy our life because when we die we won't know what happens to us. That God exists, I cannot deny, but I can say he's done nothing to help this world to be better.
  18. there isn't a ? at the end of my thread title, dumbasses. I wasn't asking for your opinion
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  19. Religion isn't 'just one way to do that' it is 100% the most commonly used justification for people to do stupid shit across the history of the globe. Obviously what you say about interpretation is obvious
  20. To quote Karl Marx: "Religion is an opiate for the people".

    Spoken like a true Englishman.
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