The worst promo of the year goes to....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by AlphaMale, Nov 3, 2018.

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  1. By far the worst mic works ever in WWE. It reminds me of that horrible Roman Reigns promo back in 2014
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  2. Take a shot everytime they say champ.
  3. You really think that was "teh.WoRST.evar!"

    Man...your standard must be incredibly high.

    It was clearly a quickly thrown together piece
    simply to have Becky & Ronda on camera at
    the same time to get a reaction from the crowd.

    No...I don't brain chemistry
    is already fucked up enough as it is.
  4. Yeah this is unfair.

    It was just a thrown together backstage promo.

    The worst promo of the year has to have atleast...

    1. No reaction...this did have a reaction

    2. Go against the wrestlers characters...this did not

    3. Be horribly botches

    wtf you talking about?

    Under the context of the promo, this is nowhere near bad. Sure it is not noteworthy but it ain't bad.
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  5. Women's wrestling fanboys once again at it.

    This is what you call a quickly thrown together piece unlike saying champ again and again as if you're getting paid to say it with fake as fuck facial expressions
  6. Has nothing to do with them having tits or not.
  7. That isn't the same. That video was prepared and was given the green light to go out on TV. The Becky and Ronda promo was after a ppv where there isn't going to be anywhere near as much investment and creativity.
  8. It says a lot about the division if your top stars have worse mic skills than Jinder Mahal
  9. I actually haven't seen that.. ye it's a bit cringe. I guess Becky didn't come up with anything smart to say on the spot and Ronda's quite witty usually but none of them had anything to work off of each other. I'm just surprised that they didn't re-do the whole thing with a bit more content, instead of showing this on Raw.
    It also partially ruins Becky's whole "I don't care anymore" & "I say what I want" persona for me, as her Twitter game is very strong at the moment, yet here it's just a bunch of nothing really. But let's just forget about it moving forward, everything else about this feud should be good
  10. What is this 'I don't care anymore ' attitude?
  11. you know.. the rebellious "I don't care what anyone thinks of me anymore, at first I tried to be nice about it but now I'm calling everyone out on their bullshit and do what I want" attitude.. you know the one
  12. Oh yeah I know. Very unlikable attitude. You can see why they think she should be booed. Just everything she says and does is completely understandable. The contrast to what she was and what she is now as well as the journey she has gone to get there is great character development.Thank God they stopped having her slag off the fans for not supporting her. That would of been a disaster. Fuck the commentators though.