The wrestler who returned on raw 7/16/12

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zach, Jul 17, 2012.

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    So, Rey Mysterio returned last RAW. How do you guys feel about that?
    Personally, I didn't miss him at all. I really don't like him very much.

  2. He's all right, he can still work good matches and I want this to be his last run with him putting Sin Cara over at WM 28. It'll be nice to see him against Del Rio at Summerslam.
  3. U mean WM29!
  4. It was good, marked so, so hard..
  5. a feud with alboreto should be good
  6. Yeah, 29, thanks. It's just that I said this before WM 28 too.
  7. i was surprised cuz i thought he would make his return at RAW 1000 but i enjoyed it , Rey has always been a great performer and very entertaining to watch.
  8. I actually marked as I didn't expect it. I love little Rey Rey.
  9. I marked out when I heard his music hit.

    Was expecting him next week. Why WWE, just one week... you weren't even in SD, CA FFS. :bury:
  10. rey returning this week probably mean 1000 show is too full with returns already!!!!!
  11. Was thrilled to see him back. Usually when looking forward to a PPV, you can always point at his match and say "this will steal the show", despite his awful moveset.
    Plus, we now have another good babyface worker. That plus the superstar that turned face on Raw gives us enough to have several good matches on a PPV.
  12. Rey returning now was a smart move. RAW 1000 is so full of old legends returning that Rey would have felt insignificant there. Here he had a big impact.
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  13. You mean...

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    Right @[Rainman]? Because I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy his matches with...

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  14. ^Why didn't the tag work?

    Fail smiley FTW. Definitely those guys, Leo. That match is going to be insane.
  15. dunno @[Rainman]?



    works for me :true:
  16. They didn't work because you fail!

    Anyway, I was excited when he had returned!
  17. :lol1: I'm such an useless fag, can't even tag people correctly.

    But one way or another @[Rainman], I'm sure that match will be :fap: worthy.
  18. I would sig this if Dolph wasn't in control of my signature :annoyed:
  19. What bet did you lose again? :dawg:
  20. Dolph winning MITB lol. It was a special bet which I knew I was losing.
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