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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. Fuck me, that place is rotten, anyone else been on there.

    They need to relaise they are not cool, just a bunch of nerds like the rest of us fans, the women on there are right weirdos as well. I got banned for no good reason, that place is friverlous
  2. There are other wrestling forums?
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  4. MP IS OUT OF BULIDNESS :pipebomb:
    WWEF HAS FTJ. WWEF RULES :pipebomb:
  5. wut iz udder rassling fouram? :pipebomb:
  6. Uh...yeah! :urm:
  7. I think he's a bit mad.
  8. Wrestling forum? You mean....Jobber forum! :pipebomb:
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  9. Pipebombs everywhere!
  10. I don't like Wrestleforum. Too many members that you cant remember anyone, the software and design is god awful and everyone acts pretty official instead of relaxed and shit like here.
  11. We should have a rants section for lulz.
  12. I think only Crayo is entitled to that. Look at his MU thread.
  13. Wait The Wrestling Forum as in Puls3's site or Wrestling Forum?
  14. It's a great forum but the hyper-activity of it turns me off from posting there more often. Plus, I can't stand the Daniel Bryan Army that's currently running wild over there. And they say Punk marks over there are bad...
  15. Anyone can drop a rant Fred.
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  16. Wrestling forum us dope activity wise also, v bulletin sucks major ding dong though.
  17. I'd prefer to be around a small community like this then a huge forum like theirs. It's much easier to make friends here then on a large forum.

    Plus the staff here is really fast on closing threads when shit hits the fan.
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  18. We aren't tbh but tight knit, all active members are well known and its easy for members to be active and to get to know everyone easily. You Butters, Arab and Trip are more recent perfect examples of that.
  19. I quite like that forum but it is hard to keep up with threads and there is no notifications system, this forum has a more fun and relaxed vibe though.
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