The Wrong Toy For Kittens

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jacob Fox, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. I keep telling him we can afford better toys for the kittens but @Prince Bálor NEVER listens to me:

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  2. Expected a dildo, got worse.
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  3. And this is why I don't like kittens! Evil things.
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  4. Not as bad as having sex in front of a baby. @CM Punk
  5. I hope the guy in the gif wasn't trying to do something there...
  6. And I bet he brags about having a three way "that one time in college".... lol
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  7. It's educational for the baby, jesus.
  8. ^ sex in front of babies isn't a big deal. They don't know what they are seeing. They will feel the energy if anything and if you are having sex with loving energy, nothing bad can come from it. I wouldn't say it is okay to have sex in front of a toddler though, because they are actually analyzing things and trying to figure things out.
  9. Ain't nothing wrong with shaking hands with the president.
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  10. :true:
  11. I hope we at least add it to its scrapbook, keep the memory strong.
  12. Sorry, I just couldn't resist :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Now this :hmm: GIF is Mr Fox himself I think :kermit:
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  14. Well played, worthy adversary.
  15. He honestly looks like he was trying to get the kittens to bat at it.... probably watched too much Jackass or was dared by a friend.
  16. 2 Kittens 1 Jackass. The next ground breaking online porno to gross out millions. lol
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  17. If I looked like that at age 40, I'd be completely cool with it
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  18. I see what you did there, Ibushi Kota. :emoji_wink:
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