The WWE 14 roster...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Let's make a few predictions on what WWE will do next year to sell their "amazing" game. This year it was the attitude era, what about next year?
  2. Starting with the obvious:

    Triple H
    John Cena
    CM Punk
    Daniel Bryan
    Randy Orton

    Now some unpredictable/unlikelies:
    Leo Kruger
    Briley Pierce
    Ric Flair
    Hulk Hogan
  3. depends what direction they go in maybe a ra era with guys like goldberg lesnar and batista or maybe an 80s/90s era with andre the giant hogan and warrior
  4. I don't think next year will have a time period attached to it. Although I could be wrong. Can't see them going farther than the AE if they do have one though...
  5. i've not even got WWE '13 and we're discussing WWE'14
  6. they gotta put goldberg in wwe 14 he hasnt been in a game in a while and he was a pretty big part in the additute era. and im sure theyll put stone cold but if they dont :finger:
  7. The PG era!
  8. I'd love to hit the spear with Goldberg.
  9. Ryback, Ambrose, Rollins, Cesaro, Reigns. All the young guns are almost guaranteed
  10. With Ambrose and Cesaro being there, I'll actually be buying the game.

    :YES: :YES: :YES:
  12. WCW vs WWF
  13. They could let you control the Invasion angle. Pick a McMahon (Steph:ECW, Vince:WWE, Shane:WCW) and do it right.
  14. Honestly I just wish they'd put some effort in and include so many more ppl. It can't be that bloody hard we should have hundreds of options not just a few.
  15. Cesaro is already in this game.

    I want:

    "Word Life" John Cena
    The Legend Killer "Randy Orton"
    70's Ric Flair
    Chris Hero
    Daniel Bryan with his GOAT Beard
    CM Punk Long Hair
    Cody Rhodes Mustache
  16. Re: RE: The WWE 14 roster...

    Oh my fucking god I think I love you.
  17. I highly doubt and hope they don't go down the same gimmick road again. I'm fine with a game that I can play without it being broken. You know, ones that have 2 counts, ones where Triple Threat Matches don't glitch into handicap matches, and ones where AI's use finishers. If that means no awful story mode/reimaginaion mode, I'm completely fine with it.
  18. Oh my, this is all happening so fast! :lol2:
  19. I think they might or should go with the New Generation Era 1995-1996 theme since they do have some legends from that era that has yet to make the list of legends and icons. But I would want them to add in all of the current wrestlers and divas. Hell make a mode like New Generation Era Mode in Attitude Era Mode form.
  20. No need for gimmicks, yeah. They should focus on the current roster.