The WWE All - Star Picks game


The Artiste
This is a game i used to play a while back. I used to call it the WWE All- Star Picks game. Basically, you pick eight Superstars who you think will gain the most points, based on the points system below.

The game will start at Battleground this Sunday. Think carefully about your picks, because once you have chosen your Superstars, they will be locked in for the month. You can only change one Superstar per month. You can do that transfer once the last PPV of the month has ended, but before Raw the next night.

If you decide to keep all your picks on any given month, then great. But if you decide to use the monthly transfer option, then let me know, by posting who you want to transfer in and out.

All Superstars from Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and 205 Live are available to be chosen. Any Tag Team will count as two picks. You can pick any combination of Superstars you want. Either all men, all women, all Tag Teams, or all from one show. That is completely up to you. The only thing you can't do, is pick all the Champions. That would be too easy, and most likely everyone will be doing that.

I will post the weekly leaderboard every Thursday. Good luck to everyone.

Points System
Pinfall/submission win (5 points)
Pinfall/submission loss ( - 3 points)
DQ/Count Out win (2 points)
DQ/Count Out loss ( - 1 point)
No Contest (0 points)
Tag Team match - The other Superstar gets the pinfall/submission ( 3 points)
Tag Team - The other Superstar gets DQ'd or Counted Out ( - 1 point)
Positive promo or segment (2 points each)
Negative promo or segment ( - 1 point each)
Backstage or in-ring attack (for) ( 2 points each)
Backstage or in-ring attack (against) ( - 1 point each)

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