The WWE app is launching soon

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  1. The WWE app is launching soon


    STAMFORD, Conn.— You wanted it and you got it! The official WWE app experience is coming soon, WWE Universe! Get ready to take WWE with you wherever you go – any time, day or night – with the new WWE app, coming soon to Apple iOS and Android.

    With the WWE app, you will unlock breaking news, a colossal library of WWE videos – current and classic – as well as thousands of photos capturing the action of WWE. Plus, with a slide, swipe or tap of a finger, you can discover a few exclusive surprises found ONLY in the WWE app.

    The WWE app is launching soon! Check back with for details on how – and when – you can download the official WWE app, your gateway to the WWE Universe.

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  2. Good, I have an iPhone and would like something to update me when I'm not home and when I don't feel like waiting for my phone to load up this entire phone. Just hope it's free though, or else I may need to save my cash. :sad:
  3. That iPad is now unusable. If Kelly Kelly has been on it.
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  4. -.- I bet this takes a LOT of space. NOT DOWNLOADING.
  5. I don't think it will take up much space, it isn't like it is streaming full episodes or anything which would be cool.
  6. Was talking about Android. An app with a good user interface is 25MBish
  7. Don't worry they'll most doubt include a nice tout addon so you can tout your favourite WWE superstars... YAY! WOO!
  9. kellykelly on the pic = no aids. Or maybe it =AIDS.
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