The WWE badly needs a real main event heel.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. What's wrong with the WWE? We have many awesome faces like John Cena, Sheamus, Christian, Jericho, Ryder, Triple H, Randy Orton, etc. CM Punk hasn't fully turned heel.

    Let's look at the WWE's top heels.

    1. The Big Show- This guy is passed his prime. He struggles to get reactions. No one gives a damn about him.

    2. Alberto Del Rio- The WWE's biggest bust. For a rich bitch he can't buy heat. His moveset is very boring. His finisher looks very fake and weak.

    3. Dolph Ziggler- This guy is very generic. The man can wrestle a match. His gimmick needs a major makeover.

    4. The Miz- He looks like a Justin Beaver rip off. Who can take him seriously as a heel?

    5. Brooke Lensar- Record since returning to WWE 0-1. He hasn't done anything meaningful.

    There we have it! The heels are jokes. Why tune in when the heels pose no threats and are boring? These guys have no excuses. Being a heel is easy. All you need to do is piss of the crowd. Calling them something simple like maggots(Jericho) will get them pretty rowdy. Faces have a very difficult time because it's easier to piss people off than to please them. Years ago we had a man named Edge. Edge was entertaining watch as a heel. We all wondered what Edge was going to do next. Jericho is a great heel. He knows how to get heat and mess with the crowds.

    Who needs to turn heel?

    It's clear as day that Randy Orton needs to turn heel. Since losing the world title Orton hasn't done much. He had very little mic time. Before his suspension he was always given the job to open Raw. Seriously what was that about? For 4 straight months he opened Raw before failing another drug test. I know he just got back from suspension. The WWE needs to make Orton meaningful. When was the last time he was in a meaningful feud?

    Randy Orton can be an effective heel and draws crazy heat because he is a crazy guy.

    Zack Ryder- I think Zack needs a heel turn. His Jersey Shore gimmick screams heel. He can be an asshole, sex crazed player, and cheater. This can work if he is portrayed as a serious character.
  2. WWE's babyface fetish has really ruined their heel side. The only effective ME heel they have is Daniel Bryan... the rest are either terrible characters, terrible performers, or have been booked into oblivion. Honestly, until this changes I wouldn't worry about bitching about the lack of quality heels. It's terrible. The only one they want to book strong is fucking Big Show, and lord knows that's a waste of time. It took WWE 2 weeks to drop the ball on heel Punk.

    Who besides Big Show is a credible opponent for the Main Event Mafia? (Cena, Sheamus, Orton, etc)... Lesnar, I guess?
    Nobody's buying ADR, I know backstage politics dictate everything in that company but... come on man.

    Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes will be really effective once they get their well-deserved pushes, and if you dig deeper there are guys like Michael McGillicutty who can be heat magnets, but if they get pushed, will they be used like they should?
  3. I think the only good heels they have currently are Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. Big Show, no one gives a fuck about, and everyone else just gets cheered on by the fans, which is hard if you're a heel since you are suppose to get heat, not a crowd pop. If they turned Randy Orton heel then it would be the best move they can make since he played it so good before, plus it would get rid of his bland babyfaceness. Santino, would make a good heel if he gets injured by a fan favorite and comes back with a gimmick similar to his Russian one before coming to the WWE. He could come back during a match and start breaking everyone's arm or something, he could be used very very good instead of this shitty comedy character. Damien Sandow is another great heel, he knows how to get heat easily, and is a very good wrestler. Hopefully he stays a heel and brings down the funk.
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  4. This is why you have casual over your name. Brooke lesnar? Are you kidding me, and another joker who thinks records matter.

    Dolph Ziggler > your favorite face, and ADR is booked wrong, his matches are gold. I have to assume you are another wwe fan who thinks tna is garbage but has never watched it.
  5. Forgot to mention Brock, despite coming back and losing to John Cena, Brock Lesnar is a massive heel. He is destructive and people still remember his history, plus living off the hype of being a former UFC World Champion. He'll be feared and booed when he fights fan favorites because he is a real fighter and people will fear for their favorites.
  6. You need to shut your damn mouth about me. You don't even know me. I've seen TNA many times.

    You clearly missed the point about Brooke Lensar being 0-1 since his return. The guy has ZERO momentum since he has returned.

    Booking isn't ADR's only problem. I think he has many problems. His matches are boring. The guy knows how to wrestle. His wrestling style is boring. He doesn't have any pop moves. His finisher looks extremely fake. Almost everyone taps out in two seconds and doesn't try to break free.
  7. His finisher is real actually, just has the same effect as a normal armbar.
  8. why would a heel have pop moves? Also Brock has momentum, look at his HHH feud lol he's getting heat.

    You need to watch more wrestling, or just admit to everyone here you think kellykelly is the best diva. Both work.
  10. :haha: I actually laughed at that Brooke reaction. Didn't notice the name misspelled actually :hmm: Well anyways, yes Brock has had momentum. As Seabs said, he gets heat a lot since his thing with Cena.
  11. His finisher is a real technique. It looks extremely fake. People aren't selling it well. Their reactions look way too fake. They tap out the moment when it is locked and don't give ADR any time to do any damage. Plus ADR doesn't get a good grip around the arm and it is very noticeable.

    Stop judging me. YOU DON'T KNOW ME.

    Brock doesn't look like a monster heel. Let's look at his recent history. HHH beat the hell out of on Raw. Cena beats the hell out of him at a PPV. After that PPV Brock said he hurt Cena but he was the one who lost. Brock hasn't done anything meaningful since he returned and attacked Cena.
  12. He still gets a heel reaction. He broke HHH's arm, and he is planning on attacking HBK. He is still considered a monster, maybe not as much as before, but he still gets heat. As for them tapping about to ADR, they should sell the move longer then, and yes I have seen that he doesn't get a good grip on it, he should be working on that part.
  13. They should make ADR's finisher longer or at least work on the grip. Unless they know what is coming and don't want to get injured like Rey Mysterio and just tap out instantly. But yes, they do need to work on it.

    The main heel I think is actually Alberto Del Rio, he is on every week. Big Show is on like every other week however he is probably the most destructive heel currently. I liked him face but not as much as heel because it suits him a bit but they are pushing him to much and he just doesn't sell it. The main heel I like is Daniel Bryan as you can probably guess, he gets a reaction with people shouting "YES" to pee him off because DB doesn't want the WWE Universe to use the word.
  14. Ehh.... Punk, anyone?

    As for the OP, I totally agree about Big Show and Miz and the fact that more credible heels are needed. They have loads of good up and coming ones as well, Barrett, Rhodes, Ambrose, Sandow and Hero(Not seen much I must admit).

    However, I'm actually stunned that anyone can call Ziggler generic. He's one of the main reasons I still bothered turning on Monday night Raw during the Big Show/Cena fued. He's got bags of charisma, the first time I watched him when I'd just got back into wrestling I was immediately drawn into him. I know forums are about opinions but I think it's crazy to call Ziggler generic, he's one of the few who aren't.

    As talked about in another thread, it isn't Alberto's fault he gets no heat, it's his abomonation of a character that is completely at fault for him not getting any heat.

    I agree about Miz as well. He needs to improve on his ring work a lot to become a main eventer. I know guys like Sheamus, Show etc still make it into the main event despite their poor in-ring skills but at least they have size and presence, Miz just doesn't at all.

    Again, totally disagree about Bork. Even with his soon to be 0-2 record since coming back he still has more credibility than anyone on the roster easily IMO, also gets ridiculous amounts of heat.

    I would definitely prefer Orton as a heel but I don't think it's necessary when we've got so many up and coming heels as I mentioned earlier. Maybe if they turned Del Rio face and it suceeded then they could think about it, because at the moment he's one of WWE's few really over, credible faces. If he turned our main faces would only be Sheamus and Cena and the former is not good enough to be where he is at all.

    So yeah we could do with some credible heels, but they don't need to turn existing main eventers, they just need to allow guys who aren't as established the opportunity to step up.
  15. Sandow or Barrett, because they generally piss people off, especially Sandow. Wade has some occasional cheers, but Sandow has none. Not sure about Punk, because alot of people still cheer for him, he has some boos also, but not enough to be considered to be a full heel - yet. When Mark Henry returns, he could be a main event heel, if that's what the WWE want him to do, but main 3 would be Sandow,Barrett and Mark Henry. Maybe Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks? for some tag team main events, not ALL the time. but a few, maybe some singles. But preferably tag team.
  16. WWE doesn't book heels correctly. They make it look like they only win by cheating. Don't get me wrong, it should happen most of the time but then you get a heel who is going to face, let's say, Sheamus, on a PPV, he hasn't beaten anyone who's credible lately, am I supposed to believe he'll beat Sheamus (who's booked strong) at the PPV? No. Unless they change the way they book heels there's not much use in pushing any new ones that hard.
  17. I think WWE Creative considered Mark Henry main event, heel quality, considering those title shots he had. We all found out how entertaining that was. :dawg: but I think Randy Orton should turn heel. SO these would be the top heels in the company (in no specific order at all):

    1 - Daniel Bryan
    2 - Randy Orton
    3 - Dolph Ziggler
    4 - The Miz
    5 - Wade Barrett

    Not a bad line-up, but there needs to eb more. FEED US MORE!
  18. Completely agreed. Wade Barrett or Mark Henry are your men.
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